Saturday Football Update


Goddamn Sam I am one busy dude. I have been watching foosball, but hardly any time to comment. Sigh. Oh well, on with this weeks slate:
11am – the Beloved are at Purdon’t. We need to rebound from that awful performance last week against The.
2.30 – Zoomies are at Boise on Versus, and look for the Broncos to keep marching toward new years day.
2.30 – Aggies go to Ames to face Iowa State on ABC. This should be an easy one for the SEC bound Aggies.
2.30 – Memphis at Tulane – the WAVE is a heavy favorite in this one, in their first game of the Post Toledo era. Thank god.
2.40 – Ducks are at Colorado – this one is on either FSN or ROOT depending on where you are. Should be a wipeout.
7.00 – Huskieys at Stanford on ABC – hopefully the Washington pass defense can have some good luck instead of Andrew.

Other games of interest – Wisco at Sparty, USC at ND, Whargles at LSU


294 Responses to “Saturday Football Update”

  1. Sk8 Says:

    I like her shirt!

    Suk it New-weasel! Going to try to stay up 4 the Huskieus game, but it starts at 1am. If we win this, the dawgs will officially be bak 4sho, but not getting my hopes up.

    • johnnyj Says:

      Yeah, I think I’ll pass on the annual sixer bet with MikeyG this year. That Sumbitch has won something like the past 5 or 6.

      Fear the Tree—Oh NO!

  2. TD Says:

    My daughter… my own flesh and blood… called me this morning to tell me she’ll be at the Auburn/LSU game, rooting for (gag, choke, snivel) LSU!!!!
    Oh, the shame!

  3. johnnyj Says:

    Sweet, I get to watch the Illini again this morning…

    …For those of you that want to watch the Huskies beat the shit out of Stanford tonight (snicker) you might have to watch it on ESPN3…Here’s the coverage map:

  4. johnnyj Says:

    Hmmm, I wonder which ‘head’ Corso will wear this week? I’m taking Bucky over Sparty…

  5. johnnyj Says:

    Illini look like crap so far…Purdont up 7-0

  6. TD Says:

    I would have bet the farm on the Fightin’ Illini.

    … glad I didn’t.

  7. johnnyj Says:

    …Speaking of Boilermaker…It’s noon somewhere…

  8. johnnyj Says:

    BOOM! Touchdown Illini with 54 tics left to go…14-21 now…

    Hmmm, onside kick coming, me thinks…

  9. johnnyj Says:

    …Bring on the Aggies! Bring on Auburn/LSU!

    I’m cheering for Auburn today, TD.

  10. astro Says:

    Tulane is on Fox Sports again so I get to watch in HD instead of a crappy stream. It is homecoming, and they just showed some shots in the Dome. Maybe 500 fans there, and I bet at least half are from Memphis. Sad.

  11. Sk8 Says:

    I’m actually going for Auburn today 2 TD!

  12. TD Says:

    I appreciate you boys! I’ll be watching the Tigers playing the Tigers myself… some damn fool blacked out the A&M game for my area.
    (somebody’s gonna pay for that!)

  13. TD Says:

    Auburn: “If you’re not able to win the game, play dirty! Poke ’em in the eye! Kick ’em in the groin”

  14. astro Says:

    I never realized that Bob Toledo was our OC as well. New guy calling the plays doesn’t seem to like the run as much.

  15. astro Says:

    Between this week and last, I’ve now seen the ‘Slice-O-Matic’ commercial about 100 times. I guess they are the only advertiser on FCS.

  16. Sk8 Says:

    Ok, going to nap so I can get up at 0100 for tha dawgs! Will have the LSU game on though, go Auburn!

  17. TD Says:

    Snooze well my friend… snooze well.

  18. johnnyj Says:

    I see the aggies are off to a 3-0 lead…

  19. astro Says:

    I just flipped over. How did LSU score already?

  20. astro Says:

    Tulane down 7-0 already. Gonna be a long day.

  21. TD Says:

    Nice run (with personal foul) Wargle!

  22. johnnyj Says:

    Damn, that LSU D won’t give!

    Take the FG….

  23. astro Says:

    Slice-O-Matic commercial #4 so far today…

  24. johnnyj Says:

    The DAWGS open at LSU next year. THAT should be fun and I might even be going; been invited by a bunch of my uncle’s friends that I met when we hosted LSU a couple of years ago (and ‘almost’ beat them)…

    …I assume you guys have been to that stadium?

  25. TD Says:

    I flashed over to the AF/Boise game: Zoomies are making an impressive drive to attempt to tie the game.

  26. astro Says:

    Haha, they are saying that Tulane is trying to get Mike Leach for HC. That would rule!

  27. TD Says:

    awshit… Tiggers score

  28. johnnyj Says:

    Damn it. Dems boys are good. 13-3.

  29. astro Says:


    Tulane clawing back into the game, down 14-10.

  30. astro Says:

    Come on Tulane, get Mike Leach as the new Head Coach!

  31. johnnyj Says:

    Let the blowout begin…LSU looks unstoppable…

  32. TD Says:

    That LSU TD looked just like the last one!

  33. astro Says:

    Man, Darkwa is insane as a receiver. If he could just stay healthy for a season he’d set all kinds of Tulane records.

  34. astro Says:


    30 yard strike from Griffin to Van Hoosier!

  35. astro Says:


  36. astro Says:

    Dammit. Drive it down to their 10 and Griffin throws a 90 yard pick six. Same old Tulane.

    Blocked the xp, at least.

  37. astro Says:

    And LSU up 35-3. Harsh.

    • TD Says:

      What is that I see out on the field… it looks like……….. it is… it’s Auburn’s ass being kicked up and down the field!

  38. TD Says:

    Wowie Zowie… The Zoomies are gettin’ the attention of the Broncos! Only down by a TD in the middle of the 4th Qtr.

  39. astro Says:

    Slice-O-Matic #6

  40. TD Says:

    Nice! Zoomies answer.

  41. astro Says:

    Tell you what, TD. Tulane is down 26-17 with 9:32 left to go, and Memphis is driving for another score. If Tulane finds a way to come back and win this one, I’ll buy you a special ‘Victory Edition’ Slice-O-Matic for Christmas.

  42. johnnyj Says:

    …I’m off to a friends house to watch the DAWG game…It’s been a thin slice of heaven, Gents…


  43. TD Says:

    Let me review:
    fAggies won
    fWargles lost
    fZoomies lost (but very credible game!)
    fJoPa just started
    fSun Devils have off.

  44. astro Says:

    TD, are you still around? I want your honest opinion on this abomination I just began creating…

  45. astro Says:

    Wonderful. Local ABC feed continues to show a weather delay for TTU/OK. Looks like the Tres must come to the rescue for the Huskieies/Luck game.

  46. Sk8 Says:

    Back for the dawg game! Don’t know how long for, but here goes.

  47. astro Says:

    Finally, ABC switches to the good game.

    Just in time to see the Huskiese get gashed…

    Hilariously, the Tres is actually ahead of the TV feed.

  48. astro Says:

    Sk8, is it usual for UW to get a lot of Hawaiian/Polynesian players? It seems like they have more than the rainbow warriors.

  49. astro Says:

    Ouch, not a good start. Bow down indeed…

  50. TD Says:

    Hey Astro. I’m back.

  51. dfm Says:

    alright bitchezzz I am in, watching Wisco asspound MSU.

  52. dfm Says:

    The fix is in in the Wisco MSU game, they looked at a very questionable replay and it took one second.

  53. dfm Says:

    Fuck yea USuC whipping ND’s ass 14-0.

  54. dfm Says:

    And Wisco beating Sparty like a red headed stepchild 14-0 early.

  55. dfm Says:

    hey kickass I got the Huskiey game!

  56. dfm Says:

    dang 10-0 feel the tree power

  57. astro Says:

    TD – here is what I am doing. I found a sale on a pork roast the other day (6.5 lb boston butt for about $10) and decided I wanted to barbeque. I don’t have a smoker, though, so I got kooky with it.

    I doused the thing with apple cider vinegar, and then gave it a good rub (Ravens, brown sugar, garlic, cayenne, black pepper). I then took it out to my gas grill and seared it on all sides (almost a char, as it turned out).

    Then, I dumped it in my crockpot. I put a thick layer of onions and garlic down, dropped in the pork, and then poured the vinegar/rub leftovers over top. I’m letting it cook for about 10 hours on low, so it should be ready for the Bears game tomorrow.

    So was this a good idea that will give me some decent pulled pork, or have I committed an abomination before the eyes of God?

    • TD Says:

      Oh, man! That should be AWESOME!
      When I was doing a pig roast, I’d slow cook the pig (skin side up) in a cooker for about 6 or 8 hours, then turn it over, chunk up the meat and pour a vinegar based sauce (very similar to yours) into the carcass… don’t forget the Tabasco… it was invented for pork BBQ!
      The black folks in my ANG unit liked the pork so much, they made me an honorary brother.

      • astro Says:

        Sweet! I was afraid I might have offended the gods of bbq. It is already smelling good. I can’t wait until tomorrow to see how it turns out.

  58. dfm Says:

    Well, if it is fatty, how bad can it be? I don’t think you will get the pulled pork you want, but if it is a decent shoulder like most butts are you will be OK.

  59. astro Says:

    Huskies driving… I need to warm up my singing voice so I can call RR again and sing “Bow Down…”

  60. astro Says:


  61. dfm Says:

    oh snap that rb just RAN over the Husky defender

  62. dfm Says:

    gawd sparty looks so sad against Wisco – I think Wisco will run the table, not that this is saying much.

  63. dfm Says:

    Ah I know why I have the Huskiey game now, TT vs. Oklahomo is on some sort of delay

  64. astro Says:

    Man, Tennessee is giving Bama a fight. I’m almost pulling for TN – Dooley seems like an awesome coach – he was the man at LA Tech.

  65. Sk8 Says:

    Well…. Shit, Stanford scores again, 17-7

  66. dfm Says:

    haha Safety Sparty!

  67. Sk8 Says:


  68. dfm Says:

    hey sk8 I bought a new helmet today for biking got a good discount since it is all decked out in team katusha colors and decor – yep I will be sporting a commie helmet next season

  69. dfm Says:

    SPARTY td! on the double reverse!

  70. TD Says:

    JoPa is starting to take control… Nitnoys just scored. Now 34-24

  71. dfm Says:

    17-7 trojanus maximus now.

  72. dfm Says:

    Wow Bama TN 6-6 at half.

  73. astro Says:

    Sweet drive going here…

    This announcer sounds like Millen, though. Driving me nuts.

  74. dfm Says:

    POLK great run for the Miller Lite.

  75. dfm Says:

    Nice stop Sparty on third and one! Montee Ball hurt too. Well, this is a game after all.

  76. astro Says:

    Holy shit that was a sweet play. GODDAMN A HOLD!

  77. astro Says:

    GODDAM DOINK! Dammit

  78. astro Says:

    TD Bama

  79. Sk8 Says:

    Gotta stop them this drive

  80. dfm Says:

    BLOCKED field goal suck it bucky

  81. astro Says:

    Man, UW has no run D

  82. dfm Says:

    Oh MSU goes for it on 4th and 2 from the 35 and TD!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Sparty to the house!!!!

  83. astro Says:

    Haha is wordpress moderating me?

  84. dfm Says:

    If you are being moderated it is askimet not wordpress. If you have more than one link or something strange (heh) it might hang it up.

  85. astro Says:

    Dammit it is Millen doing color on this game. No wonder I am raging. How does this man have a job? How has he not been banned from football for life?

  86. astro Says:

    Sweet pass from Luck there

  87. dfm Says:

    I just looked and I don’t see anything in the spam trap fyi. SACK Sparty!

  88. dfm Says:

    I think it was Deadspin that said that unemployed people are enraged that Matt Millen actually has a job.

  89. dfm Says:

    Montee Ball out of the game, that hurts Wisco.

  90. TD Says:

    A PSU linebacker came sailing over the offensive line … literally flying… to get a sack on the NW QB

  91. dfm Says:

    Fuck Stanford up 31-14, that was fast.

  92. dfm Says:

    HOLY SHIT Sparty blocks the punt, and it is a TD!

  93. astro Says:

    Welp, 38 now

  94. dfm Says:

    sparticus maximus!

  95. astro Says:

    Haha just saw the score. Go Sparty!

  96. astro Says:

    Bama starting to roll here. Might not be many live games left tonight.

  97. astro Says:

    Holy fuck give Trent Richardson the Heisman right now

  98. dfm Says:

    goddammit I wanted W to hang in there but alas this is shat 38-14 at half.

  99. dfm Says:

    Holy crap LSU goes through Auburn like a hot knife through butter.

  100. dfm Says:

    nice drive here USC

  101. astro Says:

    Damn, Bama’s D might be as good as LSU’s. That game is going to be a bloodbath.

  102. astro Says:

    Sweet TTU leading OK.

  103. dfm Says:

    Erin – what a joke. She isn’t even trying anymore.

  104. astro Says:

    Bama’s D going nuts on TN.

    I hope TN gives Dooley a little time. He could rebuild that program if he gets a little time.

  105. dfm Says:


  106. dfm Says:

    Oh man Wilson missed a sure TD for Wisco. FG time. And good. 23-17 Sparty.

  107. astro Says:

    Geez TN can’t even get a play off. There should be a mercy rule here.

  108. astro Says:

    DFM, are you gonna be around for the Bears game tomorrow? Surely you can’t hit your bedtime at 2 pm.

  109. dfm Says:

    I am also in announcer purgatory with Brent.

  110. TD Says:

    JoPa ties Eddie Robinson (Grambling) for 2nd most wins (408) in 1A football.

  111. dfm Says:

    Blasted, Wisco is getting it together.

  112. TD Says:

    … rest of the evening with World Series, gents.

  113. dfm Says:

    Shit I need Eddie to fire up Sparty and get the win here!

  114. dfm Says:

    It worked! Punt Wisco!

  115. dfm Says:

    ND game is good too, USC just skanked one though.

  116. dfm Says:

    YES give that man number 3 a Miller Lite.

  117. dfm Says:

    Nobody has given Wisco a run this year, if nothing else, it is good to see that they are human.

  118. astro Says:

    Couple of Miller lites since I started watching, I like

  119. dfm Says:

    shit 48-17 Stanford, sheesh

  120. dfm Says:

    YES TROJANUS haha so funny to hear the announcers call it, they are such homers.

  121. astro Says:

    Another Miller Lite

  122. dfm Says:

    SPARTY nice miller lite again.

  123. astro Says:

    haha Wisco is gonna lose

  124. dfm Says:

    damn Wisco is bigtime you know you made it when you have predator guys

  125. dfm Says:


  126. astro Says:

    Haha YES!

  127. dfm Says:

    What is funny is that CLEARLY Sparty was going for the FG but they got lucky and made a play.

  128. dfm Says:

    and 2!

  129. dfm Says:

    haha TTU stil up on OU

  130. dfm Says:

    Oh MAN right in that guys hands. Abbredervis (or whatever) has been money all year too.

  131. astro Says:


  132. astro Says:

    Huh, they never switched back here. Still Huskies/Stanford.

  133. dfm Says:

    alright I am flipping now back and forth ttech and the wisco game

  134. astro Says:

    Haha TTU rules

  135. dfm Says:

    dammit sparty punt, you can’t count out the badgers

  136. dfm Says:

    fuck td Wisco, this is a game now.

  137. dfm Says:

    dammit I need to cue the maiden again for good luck

  138. dfm Says:

  139. dfm Says:

    jesus a three and out, come on sparty

  140. dfm Says:


  141. astro Says:



  142. dfm Says:

    Fuck yea Maiden comes through every fuckin’ time.

  143. dfm Says:

    I want to see Sparty work over wisco now and grind that clock.

  144. dfm Says:

    fuck that three and out again!

  145. astro Says:

    Fuck, cue the Maiden again

  146. dfm Says:

  147. dfm Says:

    fucking holding!

  148. dfm Says:

    can you believe this shit…

  149. dfm Says:

  150. astro Says:

    Goddam I love muting the TV and just listening to Maiden while watching the game.

    Not working, tho, I think we need something from Powerslave…

  151. dfm Says:

    I can’t belive Sparty is fucking this one away.

  152. astro Says:

    fuck fuck fuck

  153. astro Says:

    OK, here we go:

  154. dfm Says:

    haha ttech up 24-7 now!

  155. dfm Says:

    YES big first down.

  156. dfm Says:

    Oh man nice sack fumble nonsense.

  157. dfm Says:

    GREAT Miller Lite.

  158. astro Says:

    Sparty gonna win with a FG

  159. astro Says:

    Kick it from here, Maiden will carry it through~

  160. dfm Says:

    holy fuckin shit!

  161. astro Says:


  162. dfm Says:

    That is a TD bigger than dallas

  163. astro Says:


  164. dfm Says:

    Herbstreet that ass, it is CLEARLY a TD and he is rooting for no TD

  165. dfm Says:


  166. astro Says:


  167. astro Says:



  168. dfm Says:

    holy fuck that is the shit!

  169. astro Says:


  170. astro Says:


  171. dfm Says:

    those fucking refs on the field were paid off

  172. dfm Says:


  173. astro Says:

    Alright, I’m out. I don’t know if I ever want to watch a college football game again. highest note~

  174. dfm Says:

    alright now to give ttech some maiden love…

  175. Cougrook Says:

    Man just saw the UW score….rough game for the Dawgs!!

  176. Cougrook Says:

    Oh and DFM..remember what i said about the Brewers losing last week? hmmmm looks like i don know what i am talking about just a bit!! Not gonna lie, miss talkin shit with everyone on the blog this year…working two jobs, new wife, and a baby on the way dont allow for much time on here…keep me posted on a bowl pool this year…love that thing and can always make time for that. I am going to start a get Petro PapaDICKis off the air…how is this guy on TV and has his own radio show…i finally get to see a COug game on TV and he is the color anaylyst they choose….homeboy sounds like he has been gargling sandpaper for years!! DFM you found a new sideline reporter GF yet…there is some real talent out there these days!!

    • dfm Says:

      CR – well, all I can say about the Brewers is that they played more games than the Red Sox this year.

      No dice yet on a new sideline reporter GF, I am picky. I don’t want my new flame to burn out like Erin.

      We will get you in on the bowl pool. Just get your sleep now, because you won’t have any when your woman hatches.

  177. dfm Says:

    TTech hangs on!

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