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Thanks Coach Zook

November 27, 2011

I am not one that gets sentimental about much. You know? In football especially. You either win, or you don’t. Ron Zook was something like 34-51 over 7 years. He did bring us the glorious Rose Bowl season where we got housed in the Big Game by what was proven later to be an illegitmate and illegally fielded team. And I will never forget when we went to #1 Ohio State and beat their asses, culminating in the last drive that ate up the last half of the fourth quarter.

But. Outside of that, not so much. Looks like we may get passed by this year for a bowl, and every other year we had a losing record. So, in the words of Jules Winfield of Pulp Fiction “what’s a nigga gonna do”. Our new AD really had no choice but to shit can the Zooker. It was what it was.

Our new AD is from Cincy and knows how to win. Cincy had represented the Big East in the BCS two years now and maybe will this year as well. Frankly, it is my personal opinion that we will never be an influence until and unless we are “all in”. In other words we need the alums, the staff, the state, everyone 100% behind this program at all times. We just aren’t there yet. Wisco is there. The SEC is there. We aren’t.

I don’t blame Zook, I really don’t. He is a good coach. He is a good man that ran a good program (coaching errors this year notwithstanding) and kept us off of probation. Most of all, he gave this super classy presser when he left. Thanks Coach Zook, too bad that 4 people will read this, and I hope you succeed at your next endeavor.


NFL Week 12

November 27, 2011

HanieMania starts with the Bears at Oakland at 3.05 and the Chickens host the Redskins, also at 3.05. sk8 gets to see his hero in that game!


I know everybody is excited for HanieMania, but don’t forget what happened the last time the Bears played Oakland:

I love watching Garza celebrate as soon as Matt jukes the safety at the 20.  He knew.

Saturday Football Update

November 26, 2011

Hooray! Turkey sammiches all week, I love ’em. And lets serve that with a nice side of rivalry! Our action today:
1 – Wyoming at Boise (-32.5) – I would still love to see Boise in a BCS game, and today the Cowboys won’t slow them down any.
2.30 – Beaver Meat at Oregon (-27.5) – The Civil War! They say you can toss out the records when it comes to rivalry games, but I don’t think that is the case in this one.
2.30 – Illinois (-10.5) at Minnesota – In Ron Zook’s last regular season game as Illini coach, we head off to play the Gophers. We really, really need this game to assure us a crap bowl, and even then it isn’t a lock.
6.30 – Wazzu at Washington (-9) – Apple Cup! Suck it cr!
9 – Tulane at Hawaii (-18) – the Wave punch their ticket to the BCS title game against the Rainbow Warriors. Damn that is a late start.

Also, Iron Bowl, Arkansas vs. LSU, The Game, The Egg Bowl, and a ton of other rivalry games. Enjoy!

Friday Football

November 25, 2011

1.30 – Hogs at LSU. I am thinking we need to go for the Hogs today to screw up the BCS even more. There are some other bullshit games on today as well.

Thanksgiving Football

November 24, 2011

Happy Thanksgiving to all of my friends here at kfil. We have the sips making perhaps the last trip to Kollej Station (-8.5) for a while tonight at 7pm. Gig ’em!!!

In the Pros, we have Green Bay (-6) at Detroit, Miami at Dallas (-7), and San Fran at Baltimore(-3.5).

Illini and Bears Update

November 21, 2011

It looks as though, from what I am reading on different boards, that the Zooker is sunk. Oh well. Six years of mediocrity with one fluke great year (and an ass pounding by an illegally fielded USC team) will do that for you. The real kicker is that if we don’t beat the Gophers this Saturday, even though we are bowl eligible we still might not go. Hell, a 7-5 Illini team still might not get a bowl invite. The Big Ten could have TEN bowl eligible teams and Illinois simply doesn’t bring the fans. We would certainly be one of the last choices of the crap bowls.

Cutty is out for the regular season. This sucks. The Bears have been kicking ass lately and Cutler was beastly yesterday. But the Bears have a lot of crap teams on the schedule from here on out and teams keep kicking it to Hester so there is always that. I say we still make the playoffs even without Cutler with Hanie at the helm. Hell, maybe we will see JJ’s boy Enderle in a play or two.

NFL Week 11

November 20, 2011

Chargers at Bears at 3.15 (Hot Carl representing) and in the game of the week in the NFL, the Chickens are at the Rams at 3.05.

Saturday Football Update

November 19, 2011

Alright, it is starting to get to be crunch time. Just a few weeks ago so many of our teams were ranked in the top 25 and now…well, lets just get to the games.

I should add that I have been remiss in not including the Vegas line in these so I will start that up once again. I am going to offset that bit of work by not including the TV listings anymore. You all have intertubes so you can look them up if you need to.

11 – Wisco (-15) at Illinois – As an interesting side note, this line has increased during the week, indicating an inflow of money into the Wisconsin side and I would have to agree. The Illini are circling the toilet after six wins against bullshit opponents, and rumors of Zook’s dismissal. Zook I think will get canned for sure after we get asspounded by Wisco today.

11 – Kansas at A and M (-31) – Holy crap Kansas must be just horrible for A and M to be a 31 point favorite.

2.30 – Washington (-2) at Oregon State – What do we like? What do we like? Beaver meat! Beaver meat! How do we like it? How do we like it? RAW! RAW! RAW!

2.30 – Tulane at Rice (-14) – I think this win by the wave will get the BCS’s attention back and will help them in the computer rankings as well. Orleans Darkwa is still on track to win the Heisman as we predicted way back in week 1.

7 – USuC at Oregon (-14.5) – Time for Kiffin to be taken to the woodshed. Suck it.

7 – Boise (-18) at San Dog – Well, no more BCS to play for, but the Broncs can always try to up their chances of getting a better crap bowl.

You know, there are really a bunch of bullshit games today as well, we will see what looks interesting as the day wears on.

Obama Thursday Night Football

November 17, 2011

7 – Norf Carolina at Virginia Tech (god I hate these overrated bastards) on the uno
7 – Southern Miss at UAB
7 – Marshall at Memphis

Biden Tuesday Night Football

November 15, 2011

At Sk8’s request, a new thread. Plus Ball State at Northern Illinois at 7 on the U. Gooooo Huskies!!!