Saturday Football Update


Well, time to start separating the men from the boys in kfb. Speaking of boys..
The Beloved have a well deserved week off.
2 – Tulane at the Ponies – stream only. Well, the national title might be slipping out of reach, but the Orleans Darkwa for Heisman campaign stays in full gear.
2.30 – Aggies at Oklahomo on the deuce or ABC depending on where you live – hopefully the Aggies will take down the Sooners, but I don’t think so.
9.30 – Boise at UNLV – CBS Sports Network – Not only are the Rebels 41 point underdogs, they just suspended five players for the game. Good luck with that.
9.30 – Quack attack at Washington – FSN/ROOT – fuck the ducks!

In other games, South Carolina at Arkansas, ND at Wake, Purdue plays here in Madtown, Army at Air Force, and I heard that there may be a game of some sort around Tuscaloosa, Alabama. Lets see who has the biggest balls of them all!


194 Responses to “Saturday Football Update”

  1. dfm Says:

    I am probably going to be at the farm all day prepping the place for winter so won’t be around. Maybe later for the big game tonight.
    December 29 Hot Carl and I are going to see Steel Panther in Chicago at House of Blues!

  2. dfm Says:

  3. TD Says:

    I suspect those Fightin’ Texas Aggies will beat the everlivin’ hell out of the Sooners, although they might possibly get outscored in the process.
    The Ags have demonstrated that they’re about the best 1st half team in the nation, but second half? eh… not so good.

  4. Cougrook Says:

    JJ…pops is up there this weekend and i think is going to the game tonight with Stanton..he mentioned last week he was gonna “go deep” today at Jeff Haney’s tailgate…you gonna see him today…would be awesome to see the huskies get a huge win against the ducks after that blowout against stanford….ill be rooting for the dawgs!!

  5. Cougrook Says:

    On another note…DFM..i have been hearing Dale SVeum is the leading candidate to replace tito in boston…since he has been with the brewers the past few years, is he any good?..i dont know much about him as a coach, just a player.

  6. johnnyj Says:

    Gameday! Yep Rook, your Pops said he was going to stop by our tailgate…He picked a good one to attend, we’re expecting a big crowd today…

    Well, the lowly Quacks are 16.5 point favorites tonight…The DAWGS will be amped up as this is the last game at Husky stadium before the 250mil renovation starts next week…
    …I think the Dawgs will clear the spread…If we get a few breaks on defense and don’t cough up the rock this could be a close one…Maybe a triple overtime victory for the DAWGS and 70,000 fans will go apeshit and rush the field. Yep, I’m going with that…


  7. johnnyj Says:

    Yo Sk8, how many bets did you place with your retarded Duck uncles? Any of them attending the game?

    Send my love and a big F-U!!!

  8. johnnyj Says:

    …Corso on the ‘College Gameday Crew’ just said “Wershington.”

    What a moron.

  9. TD Says:

    Well, how about that?
    Aggies recover a fumble on the Okie’s first drive!

  10. TD Says:

    my jaw just hit the floor!
    Tech jus’ whupped up on the ‘Sips (snicker, snicker)

  11. astro Says:

    Seems like a dead thread today. Is everybody saving it up for the BCS championship game tonight?

    In other news, Tulane pulled an upset today and beat the spread! It was ugly at the half (down 31-zip), but the Wave rolled up 24 straight points in the third to lessen the embarrassment somewhat. I guess losing by only 21 was a victory of sorts. Still, I feel like our chances for a BCS bowl invite were damaged a bit today.

    • dfm Says:

      I would agree, it seems that the polls are against Tulane this year. Fucking politics. I will be around for that bloodbath in Tuscaloosa.

  12. dfm Says:

    By the way, this isn’t the BCS championship, but it would go a LONG way toward scuttling the BCS if this game was close and both teams played AGAIN in the real BCS championship. Maybe we need another evir pran.

  13. astro Says:

    Man, that Penn State fiasco is just unbelievable. JoPa has got to be done now, and I could see him getting jail time for his complicity.

    Miami’s hookers and abortions seems small scale now.

    • dfm Says:

      oh man it is totally blowing up – I think JoPa will be like teflon with that deal when done though.

      • dfm Says:

        “He was charged with multiple counts of involuntary deviate sexual intercourse, corruption of minors, endangering the welfare of a child, indecent assault and unlawful contact with a minor, as well as single counts of aggravated indecent assault and attempted indecent assault”. Holy shit what a bastard..

      • astro Says:

        No way. He was directly told by an eyewitness that a 10 year old boy was buttraped in the locker room, and did nothing but inform the AD, who swept it under the carpet.

        The guy still had full access to PSU and the facilities, and still ran a charity to help ‘troubled young boys’ for years! JoPa is going to jail with a lot of the heavies in the PSU athletic department.

        • dfm Says:

          Well JoPa hasn’t been charged yet, the others have. If true, JoPa is just as bad as the rest. Un be lieve a ble. I want that game last week forfeited so we can be 7-2.

          • astro Says:

            I think everybody is trying to leave JoPa out of it because of his age/stature, but when it comes down to it he is the one who provided plausible deniability to the AD. The witness told Paterno that he saw Sandusky buttraping a kid, and Paterno told the AD the there was ‘inappropriate horsing around’ going on.

            Pretty much everybody in the whole shitty scenario deserves blame, though.

  14. dfm Says:

    I just read the first five pages of the indictment and had to stop. Holy fucking shit.

  15. dfm Says:

    So I will take ‘Bama for a sixer if you want the Geaux.

  16. dfm Says:

    good thing that guy from Penn State likes buttrape because where he is going he will get plenty

  17. dfm Says:

    God please no Vern Lundquist tonight…

  18. astro Says:

    Man, SEC country is just crazy. Just about everybody around here is wearing bama gear and decorating their cars. I’d guess 99% of them have no association with bama other than living in the same state. The only neutral ones are the Auburn fans around here and me.

    No kidding, the TV stations around here have been showing the buildup to the game for the last two days with multiple reporters on the scene like its the WTC on 9/11. Just insane. Pretty exciting though – it’s hard not to get caught up in it.

  19. dfm Says:

    Son of a bitch Vern you goddamned walrus

    • dfm Says:

      “on a night like this stars are supposed to shine, and tonight we have a galaxy to choose from” nice start VERN what a douche

      • astro Says:

        I like the dudes who do the ESPN night games. I think the color guy is Todd Blackledge? He’s pretty good.

        • dfm Says:

          Yea there are a couple of good announcers out there. I like the dude that usually does the Pac Ten game of the week. Can’t remember his name.

  20. astro Says:

    If Trent Richardson has a big night tonight, and Bama wins, he’s gonna win the Heisman. Andrew Luck just won’t be able to match the hype.

    Plus, he’s really good. Mark Ingram wasn’t nearly as talented.

  21. dfm Says:

    If you can get Mizzou vs. Baylor on FSN he is doing the play by play.

  22. astro Says:

    Haha Tinyhat pump-up speech. I love that crazy bastard.

  23. dfm Says:

    Tracy Wolfson – not so much.

  24. astro Says:

    LSU players blasting through the Bama cheerleaders lol

  25. astro Says:

    Geaux Tigers! Win me some booze! Suck it, DFM!

  26. dfm Says:

    I am muting Vern and going to stream the Bama home call.

  27. dfm Says:

    God Miles is .805, nice winning percentage.

  28. dfm Says:

    Great start Richardson. Miller Lite.

  29. astro Says:

    Trent Richardson is smooth…

  30. Sk8 Says:

    Come on Bama!

  31. astro Says:

    honey badger with the hit

  32. astro Says:

    Holy shit the Line gave him ages back there…

  33. dfm Says:

    Bleh skank.

  34. astro Says:

    SKANK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! WOOOO!

  35. dfm Says:

    Chick Fil A starting lineup – we don’t have any up here. What is it a chicken joint?

  36. dfm Says:

    The chains. Technology from the 19th century.

  37. astro Says:

    Either one of these teams Olines are better than the Bears…

  38. dfm Says:

    Man the line play in this game is ridiculous, it will be amazing if anyone is walking in the fourth quarter.

  39. dfm Says:

    Nice hit on that one, he launched the QB ten yards!

  40. astro Says:

    Lol interference

  41. dfm Says:

    Oh man nice play that Bama QB was cool as a cuke in the end zone. Tack on the 15.

  42. dfm Says:

    God LSU’s d line is insanely physical.

  43. astro Says:

    Good lord I can feel the concussion from here

  44. dfm Says:

    Richardson BLASTING through dudes.

  45. Sk8 Says:

    Game of the millenium!!!111eleventy!!!

  46. astro Says:

    How was that duck not intercepted?

  47. dfm Says:

    come on crappy kicker

  48. astro Says:

    Saban gonna win me some booze…

  49. astro Says:

    Man that stadium is sweet.

  50. dfm Says:


  51. astro Says:

    Uh oh

  52. dfm Says:

    Nice catch.

  53. Sk8 Says:

    Just make em go for another FG.

  54. dfm Says:

    Man, that was the most awesome 0-0 first quarter ever.

  55. astro Says:

    Shruggin’ off concussions like it aint no thang…

  56. astro Says:


  57. dfm Says:

    Different kicker, same result.

  58. astro Says:

    YES! I love it!

  59. astro Says:

    This game will end in a 0-0 tie. Screw OT.

  60. astro Says:

    It’s about time for Les to pull a trick play out of his tiny hat…

  61. dfm Says:

    damn what a shot on the wr there

  62. astro Says:

    fake punt coming…

  63. dfm Says:

    Damn Richardson. What a great back.

  64. astro Says:

    Richardson gonna lose me some booze…

  65. dfm Says:

    Sweet another 15.

  66. astro Says:

    That ref looks like he came straight from Deliverance

  67. dfm Says:


  68. astro Says:

    oh jesus

  69. Sk8 Says:

    Nice moves on that catch

  70. dfm Says:

    nice stick honey badger

  71. dfm Says:

    shit here comes the fg unit again

  72. astro Says:

    hilarity incoming…

  73. dfm Says:


  74. astro Says:

    LSU is making a mistake benching Lee. He’s the better passer.

  75. dfm Says:

    LSU with way too many penalties.

  76. dfm Says:


  77. astro Says:

    Haha Vern is retarded

  78. dfm Says:

    offensive interference

  79. dfm Says:


  80. dfm Says:


  81. astro Says:


  82. dfm Says:

    oh come on, as if this game isn’t long enough?

  83. dfm Says:

    Alright, we all know what this means. I am watching the rest of this one in bed. I will look for your booze next week astro.

  84. astro Says:

    I love it. We’re both going to lose the bet somehow.

  85. astro Says:

    There was the Heisman highlight for Richardson…

  86. Sk8 Says:

    Just woke up again, can’t believe no TDs yet.

  87. astro Says:


  88. astro Says:

    Dammit on the penalty! pinned again

  89. astro Says:

    Gotta get this 1st now

  90. astro Says:

    Holy shit LSU’s secondary is fast.

  91. astro Says:



  92. Sk8 Says:

    OT, geez

  93. astro Says:

    Holy crap Bama self destructing in OT

  94. astro Says:


  95. astro Says:

    Time for the 4th skank of the game

  96. Sk8 Says:

    For all the marbles….

  97. astro Says:

    SUCK IT DFM!!!!!!!


  98. SK8 Says:

    Well, this needs a “lickey the tears” video:

  99. dfm Says:

    Fuck! Bama can’t find a goddamned kicker? Booze on the way for Astro. Hot Carl even chimed in.

  100. dfm Says:

    Alright, time now for the evir pran, we NEED Bama to play in that BCS title game. I admit it is always good to have Saban lose.

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