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Bowls 19, 20, 21, 22 and 23

December 31, 2011

OK another big day of cfb for everyone.

11 – Car Care Bowl, the Aggies (-9.5) vs. Northwestern on the uno.
1 – Sun Bowl, Georgia Tech (-2) vs. Utah on CBS.
2.30 – Fight Hunger Bowl, Beloved (-2.5) vs. fUCLA on the uno.
2.30 – Liberty Bowl, Vandy (-2) vs. Cincy.
6.30 – Chick Fil A Bowl, Virginia vs. Whargles (-3).

I have gone 16 for 18 so far, but the pool is still very tight and the maximum points are there for the taking for anyone yet! We are just over halfway home with 18 played and 17 left.

ADDED – the standings on the main page of the pool are major league fucked up. Use the GROUP PICKS for the current standings.


Bowls 15, 16, 17 and 18

December 30, 2011

All on the uno.

11 – Armed Forces Bowl, Mormons vs. Tulsa (-1)
2.20 – Pinstripe Bowl, Rutgers(-2) vs. Iowa State
5.40 – Music City Bowl, Mississippi State (-7) vs. Wake Forest
9 – Insight Bowl, Iowa vs. Oklahomo (-14)

Time to start separating the men from the boys in the pool.

Bowls 13 and 14

December 29, 2011

Both on the uno.

4.30 – Champs Sports Bowl – Florida State (-3.5) vs. Notre Dame.
8 – Alamo Bowl – the HuSKIEYS vs. Baylor (-9.5).

I won’t be around, I will be with Hot Carl seeing the mighty Steel Panther at the House of Blues in Chicago.

Bowls 11 and 12

December 28, 2011

Bof on the uno.

3.30 – Military Bowl, AFA vs. Toledo (-3)
7 – Holiday Bowl, Showers vs. Tejas (-4)

Bowls 9 and 10

December 27, 2011

Both on the uno.

3.30 – Little Caesars Bowl, Western Michigan vs. Purdon’t (-3)
7 – Belk Bowl – Louisville vs. North Carolina State (-1)

Bowl 8

December 26, 2011

Independence Bowl, Mizzou (-5.5) vs. Norf Carolina on the deuce at 4. Also Monday Night Football tonight, with Atlanta vs. New Orleans.

Bears Packers

December 25, 2011

So tonight the Bears starting QB is Josh McCown and the RB is Kahlill Bell. Both third stringers. I like Bell, he actually has a good pro career ahead of him. McClown, well…

(video credit idea to the stro)

Bowl 7 and NFL Week 16

December 24, 2011

Hawaii bowl, with Nevada (do they still do that frieckin’ PISTOL?) vs. Southern Miss (-8.5) at 7 on the uno.
Big Kahuna Burger! That’s that Hawaiian burger joint.

The Chickens host the 49ers at 3.15 today. Lots of other good NFL hate games today as well. If Detroit beats the Chargers today, the Bears are officially eliminated from the playoffs. Playoffs? Did you say playoffs?

Time for some cannibal sammiches, bitchez! And the Prime Rib main course. Oh yea, it’s gonna be a big feast at DFM’s house today. Merry Christmas Eve to all of my friends here that I have never met. That needs to change someday.

Bowl 6

December 22, 2011

Las Vegas Bowl, with Sparky vs. Boise (-14) at 7 on the uno.

Focus baby, focus.

Bowl 5

December 21, 2011

Poinsettia Bowl tonight on the uno at 7 with TCU (-9.5) vs. Louisiana Tech. This one is for CR, and pretty much explains my passion perfectly. Although I will admit I have never puked on a ride…yet…