Meet The Next Head Coach For The University of Illinois Football Team


I am not a religious guy but if there is a god this will happen.

Our Father who art in heaven, Pat Hill be thy name
thy kingdom come, thy will be done
on earth as it is in Champaign
give us this day our trick play
and fuck wisconsin as well as purdue
and lead us not into some shitty offense
but deliver us from poor special teams
for thine is the kingdom and the power and the glory,


22 Responses to “Meet The Next Head Coach For The University of Illinois Football Team”

  1. astro Says:

    Well, I’ll have to let you have him. Tulane just got a new head coach:

  2. astro Says:

    Looking forward to Corky Stafford tossing a bunch of picks this game, and Ingram plowing through the Lions D’ without Suh.

    • johnnyj Says:

      I’ve NEVER heard of Curtis Johnson. Until now…AND YES, the ‘Nawlins’ tie is a good thing when keeping all the top talent from going to the SEC…

  3. johnnyj Says:


    Yep, DAWGS vs RG3 in the Alamo bowl—first since 1965…

  4. astro Says:

    TD Ingram, and the beatdown begins.

    Not that it means much without Cutler and Forte, but the Bears are still very alive with losses by the Falcons, Giants, and Lions today.

  5. astro Says:

    Ahaha that was just embarrassing by that Lions CB. Holy shit that was bad.

  6. johnnyj Says:

    Ahh, BCS games have been decided—easy picking IMHO…Lets go to Vegas, boys…

  7. Sk8 Says:

    Is Pat Hill even a ‘hot pick’ anymore? He’s had a rough spell at FSU lately, and I havent seen his name pop up like it used to a few years ago.

    • Sk8 Says:

      Just saw the last thread that FSU fired Pat Hill, makes so much more sense now…

      I think that program was taken as far as it could be taken, I think he would do alright at the Injuns, but they wont pick him.

  8. johnnyj Says:

    Patty Hill will be golfing with Tyronne Willingham next week… And the week after that…And so on…

  9. johnnyj Says:

    Oh, and WSU scored bigtime, Leacher is a perfect fit…He can recruit the Tejas, Idaho and WA fatties fo sho…

  10. dfm Says:

    Pat Hill has gotten more out of less with that program than anyone in the country with the possible exception of Northwestern. His teams always play hard, all the time, every play. Not the most talent but they throw themselves around. God Please lets have him at Illinois.

    As for the Tulane hire, I don’t know much about the guy but I think it is a good hire. The Saints have been top notch over the last half decade or so and those local ties have to work to hopefully keep a lot of the NO kids home playing for the wave instead of getting poached by the SEC teams.

  11. dfm Says:

    Blah ha! The Illini get to play fUCLA in the tradition laden Fight Hunger Bowl! What a bowl of failure this is.

    • Sk8 Says:

      #bowl of failure.

      @DFM, I actually hate this twitter crap bleeding over into typing…

      Its worser than LOL + 🙂 x 111!!!!(eleventeen)!!!1!!!

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