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All In

January 31, 2012

I have said from the beginning of the search for the new Illinois football head coach that whoever they get needs to be all in. What I mean by that is that he needs to get the alums, students, community, local high schools, ex players, and anyone else who is a member of the Illini nation to be ALL IN, 100% to righting the program.

Tim Beckman has been doing a great job of this so far, doing non stop PR stops from Chicago to Indy to St. Louis and locally in the Champaign area. Illinois CAN do it like Wisconsin, but we need everyone on board 100%, just like Wisco.

Finally, finally, after me bitching for at least a decade and a half, they are thinking about redesigning the goddamned helmet. Here is the current version:

Damn that is some ugly shit. But we are famous for ugly helmets. Here are some past designs:

Yep, pretty bad.

Well, here are some new concepts they are thinking about for this year:

The CLEAR winner is that fabulous blue helmet with the Block I on it.

Hopefully that is the one they will go with.

This seems minor, but it is all a good sign to me – Beckman needs to break with the past and something stupid like a helmet change seems small, but I am behind it 100% if it means we can get some consistency in the program and if it helps at all in the theme of doing business differently.



January 26, 2012

…Holy crap, that’s what I’m talkin’ about! Coming home to a big box of booze after a long day of work will never get old… BIG THANKS to ASTRO, you ROCK!

Might as well sample some of these ‘goods’ while I’m at it…



January 26, 2012

Out for the weekend, going to the memorial service for my wife’s dad in St. Louis. I tell you cremation is the way to go, you can take your time and plan stuff out and WAY cheaper than funeral/burial/visitation and all that shit. Off the soap box now. Have fun with the new thread, see you guys next week.

Back to Our Normally Scheduled B.S.

January 25, 2012

Thinking Out Loud

January 24, 2012

I have been thinking about our random distribution of booze, also knows as the kfil regular season pool. Not a real fan of the randomness so I have an idea.

The Yahoo Bowl Pickem is a very fun thing we do each season end, and I was thinking about moving that into our regular season. We have choices.

Pick winners only.
Pick winners plus confidence points.
Pick winners against the spread.
Pick winners against the spread with confidence points.

I understand that it is tough for everyone to get picks in every week due to vacation, work or whatever, but if we did this, it might give us a rooting interest for or against a team, besides our usual hatred.

The prizes would have also be randomly chosen at the end of the year, as it is tough to make a “grand prize” when it will be for sure that most will miss a week or two here and there.

We could always use the full rack as a standard prize and dumb it down, or maybe we could keep a tally of who won what week and divvy up the booze from there. We could play for a sixer a week and keep a running tally and settle up at the end of the year but that could get expen$ive with shipping. Or we could play for maybe a three pack a week? Just shitting out thoughts at this point.

So, what do you guys think? Any other better ideas?

New Thread – You’ll Get Nothing And Like It ks8!

January 23, 2012

Like I said, sucka.

Championship Sunday

January 22, 2012

AFC – 2pm – Ravens at Pats
NFC – 5.30pm – VaGiants at 69ers

My predictions are Giants and Pats and ks8 gets nothing for his pool choices.

New Thread Plus TDU Results

January 21, 2012

From the Tour Down Under, the results so far, overall (ochre jersey):
Classic: Greipel, Lotto-Belisol
Stage 1: Greipel
Stage 2: Kohler, BMC
Stage 3: Greipel
Stage 4: Kohler
Stage 5: Gerrans, GreenEdge

Stage winners:
Classic: Greipel
Stage 1: Greipel
Stage 2: Clarke, UNI SA
Stage 3: Greipel
Stage 4: Friere, Katusha
Stage 5: Valverde, Movistar (doper!)

Overall going into the final stage:
1. Gerrans 18h.49m.24s
2. Valverde, Movistar (same time)
3. Machado, Radio Shack-Nissan (-8 secs.)
4. Rogers, Team Sky (-14)
5. Dennis, UNI SA (-14)
6. Boasson Hagen, Team Sky (-18)
7. Bakelants, Radio Shack-Nissan (-19)
8. Moreno, Movistar (-23)
9. Matthews, Rabobank (-29)
10. Vorganov, Katusha (-32)

What a log jam going into the final stage, a 20 lap circuit that you can see here. Hill profile here. Yep, that is FLAT. Going to be tough to make up time on the leaders today, but with all those tight turns, there could be crashes.

From what I can figure out this starts at 9.10pm central time tonight, which is 1.10pm on Sunday in Australia. Too late for me but I will watch the delay tomorrow on Steephill.

New Thread

January 16, 2012

Well, Mike and Mike were at least discussing that horrible, fixed to the max officiating from that Packer game last night. At least some people are talking about it rather than sweeping it under the rug. Anyway, new thread here for your enjoyment.

NFL Playoff Sunday

January 15, 2012

Noon – Tejans at Ravens
3.30 – VaGiants at Packers
Ding Dong! The TeBlow is dead!