Championship Sunday


AFC – 2pm – Ravens at Pats
NFC – 5.30pm – VaGiants at 69ers

My predictions are Giants and Pats and ks8 gets nothing for his pool choices.


377 Responses to “Championship Sunday”

  1. johnnyj Says:

    Well, against your wishes dfm, I have this feeling—-Sk8 ain’t goin’ down…

    It’s sixers to Ks*…


  2. Sk8 Says:

    2 months, reminded me of this article from The Onion:,772/

    • johnnyj Says:

      • johnnyj Says:

        I believe that Jopa devoted his life to making it better for kids….Yep. I criticized him like he would expect me to. I also respect him…

        Now, there’s a football game that needs to be played, suckas…

        • dfm Says:

          I have mixed feelings. Legend, good person to the community, all that. But if/when it comes out that he swept all the kid ass raping under the rug he isn’t any better than a common criminal. Honestly I think this scandal deep sixed JoPa. He was basically senile the past year or two anyway as you could see from his reaction to the swarm of media.

          • Sk8 Says:

            I agree he did a lot for kids, but this soiled a lot of his legacy. He prolly should have hung it up earlier, and gone out a king. Alas.

  3. dfm Says:

  4. johnnyj Says:

  5. Sk8 Says:

    Man, ESPN is HAMMERING the Ravens and Flaco….

  6. dfm Says:

  7. dfm Says:

  8. TD Says:

    CougRook: Package arrived in tact… sssssssssip… (smoooooooooooooth)
    DFM: Also arriving in tact was the sixer of ultra-good brew.

    Thanks to both!

  9. dfm Says:

  10. Sk8 Says:

    Ok, game time!

  11. Sk8 Says:

    Nice anthem from Steve Tyler.

    C-5 Galaxy flybye. They call that plane the FRED. Stands for Fuckin Rediculous Economic Disaster (cause its old ans costs about 100k per flight hour)

  12. astro Says:

    Sack! Suck it, Flacco!

  13. astro Says:

    OK, finally ending my KFIL deadbeat status. I just spent over two hours boxing up all the booze (and hot sauce) that I owe, I think. I’m always paranoid that the bottles will shatter, so I used acres of bubblewrap, then sealed the bottles in vacuum-seal bags, then hit the bubble wrap again. Here’s what I’ve got, let me know if I forgot anybody:

    TD – bowl pool
    Sk8 – all the hot sauce
    RR – all the booze
    DFM – regular season pool
    DFM – BCS championship

  14. johnnyj Says:


    Dirty birds, all day!

  15. astro Says:

    Flacco goes down again! Suck it Flacco! Suck it, Dilfer!

  16. TD Says:

    Man, it is windy down here in Tejas…. lotsa dust in the air!
    How much? Well, I saw a prairie dog diggin’ a hole 100 feet in the air! (yuck, yuck)

  17. Sk8 Says:

    Omg, Flacco SUX!

  18. Sk8 Says:


  19. Sk8 Says:

    Michael Orr.. You guys see blind side?

  20. johnnyj Says:

    Is it halftime? I don’t see DFM. Those panty liners must wear-out fast riding a BIKE.

  21. astro Says:

    TD Law Firm! WOOO!

  22. Sk8 Says:

    Fuk, too easy score NE. 10-7 now.

  23. TD Says:

    Go Pats!
    (no dog in this fight, and no love for the Ravens ever since they slithered out of Cleveland and rebranded from Browns to Ravens)

  24. Sk8 Says:

    Booyah! TD ravens!

  25. astro Says:

    Flacco must have taken his penicillin today

  26. Sk8 Says:

    So I guess 9er fans are as big of assholes as Dodger and Raiders fans:

  27. Sk8 Says:

    Good stop for holding them to 3 I spoze.

  28. astro Says:

    Fight! Fight!

  29. Sk8 Says:


  30. Sk8 Says:


  31. astro Says:


  32. TD Says:

    We got us a footbawl game heah!

  33. astro Says:

    Oh come on. This is shit

  34. Sk8 Says:

    Wohooooo again! Fumble!

  35. Sk8 Says:


  36. johnnyj Says:

    Dirty birds!

  37. astro Says:

    SACK! Fuck you, Flacco!

  38. Sk8 Says:

    FG, crap.

  39. astro Says:

    Gronks ankle looks bad…

  40. TD Says:

    Back to havin’ us a game.

  41. astro Says:

    Brady Tebows it in! TD Pats!


  42. johnnyj Says:

    Oeeew That Tom Brady, he’s so special…

  43. dfm Says:

    alright you whores I am in. Time to start boozing for ELI. And the Ravens can suck it, I fucking hate Ray Lewis.

  44. dfm Says:

    What was that reversal? fix!

  45. johnnyj Says:

    Hahaaa! I think DFM is standing outside the tunnel ready to ninja-stab the refs…

  46. astro Says:

    Holy shit Gronk is back. Rubber ankle.

  47. dfm Says:


  48. astro Says:

    Haha that was the most awkward leap ever. He got snapped in half.

  49. dfm Says:

    jj – the NFL should really be embarassed that they try to fix these contests the way they do.

    Blind Side was mentioned earlier in the thread, that is a great book. I am sure the movie sucked donkey balls unless Sandra Bullock was naked.

  50. dfm Says:

    The Ravens have Ricky Williams? Who knew.

  51. johnnyj Says:

    Dirty Birdies!

  52. dfm Says:

    Vonta Leach with the sweet pancake block.

  53. dfm Says:

    PICK eat shit flacco

  54. astro Says:

    PICK!!!!!!!!!! YES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


  55. johnnyj Says:

    Oh snap!

    Flacco Flacco Flacco!

  56. Sk8 Says:


    Ok, watching the rest of this horizontally. Cheers fellaz!

  57. dfm Says:

    Holy shit!

  58. astro Says:

    oh fuck me. Suck it, Brady

  59. dfm Says:

    Flacco has vd? Or are we just starting that rumor.

  60. dfm Says:

    STUFFED on third down.

  61. dfm Says:

    lol fourth down play

  62. astro Says:

    HAHA suck it Chlamydia boy!

  63. dfm Says:

    Damn Ed Reed is the shit.

  64. dfm Says:

    This will be sweet to watch flacco choke this away.

  65. dfm Says:

    LOL in bounds.

  66. dfm Says:

    holy crap terrible defense!

  67. TD Says:

    Ohhhhhhhhhhh dat was close!

  68. astro Says:

    Nice drop Lee Evans

  69. dfm Says:

    holy crap Lee Evans the goat!

  70. johnnyj Says:


  71. astro Says:

    Jusk skank this one so we can watch Eli

  72. dfm Says:


  73. TD Says:

    FG to tie…
    all on the toes of the kicker.
    pressssssure…… Blat……Missed!

  74. johnnyj Says:

    Totally fixed.

  75. dfm Says:

    Ray Lewis can suck my balls I hate that fuckin’ guy.

  76. johnnyj Says:

    Yay Ahhhstro! Do a shot…

  77. dfm Says:

    Shots for ELI ELI ELI. This is for ks8:

  78. astro Says:

    So glorious the reaction shots of the Ravens

  79. dfm Says:

    Lee Evans drop plus skank, makes me wonder if that was part of a fix too.

  80. astro Says:

    OK, time for some real football.

  81. johnnyj Says:


  82. dfm Says:

    I fucking love ELI now for that glorious victory last week. Cruuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuz

  83. dfm Says:

    Makers Mark 4 fingers courtesy rr! ELI ELI ELI ELI

  84. dfm Says:

    Holy shit Robert Kraft is hammered in this trophy presentation!

  85. dfm Says:

    Is that Steven Tyler on the trophy stand and if so, why?

  86. dfm Says:

    Jim “I can’t keep it in my pantz” Nantz.

  87. astro Says:

    Somebody just kill Joe Buck now. Take one for the team.

  88. dfm Says:

    One Harbaugh down, one to go.

  89. dfm Says:

    I can’t find anywhere the Ditka smashing the clipboard when Jim Harbaugh audibled against instructions. I will keep looking, one of my favorite NFL moments.

  90. astro Says:

    I feel a little for Alex “Tinyhands” Smith. Dude is the ultimate plugger. Seeing Singletary going apeshit on him actually saddened my opinion of Singletary. I’ll pull for the Giants, but won’t be sad if the 9ers pull it off.

  91. dfm Says:

    Kristin Chenoweth – no clue. Nice anthem though. LOL crowd cheering and booing on big screen feed.

  92. dfm Says:

    No flyover?

  93. astro Says:


  94. johnnyj Says:

    What’d I miss? I had to shower and brush my teef so I can start drinking again!?

  95. astro Says:

    Eli is a stone cold mofo on 3rd down.

  96. johnnyj Says:

    ooooh noooooooooos

  97. dfm Says:

    tx for info on C-5 like I said wtf do I know. I think the C-5’s are based out of Milwaukee, and make a run to Madison once in a while for shits. We have f-16’s based out of Madison.

    • TD Says:

      Not that it’s relevant to watching a football game, but the nearest C-5 wing is probably Memphis TN. I’ll bet what you’re seeing are the KC-135’s (similar to a Boeing 707) out of Milwaukee

  98. astro Says:



  99. dfm Says:

    Vernon Davis! But why did the Giants secondary guys give up?

  100. johnnyj Says:

    He stepped out of bounds, totally fixed.

  101. dfm Says:

    lol out of bounds! Plus 15 yard penalty that would have never happened! NFL is so stupid.

  102. astro Says:

    Guns Hoculi clownshow in progress…

  103. dfm Says:

    Well the fix is in again against the Giants rr, to the liquor cabinet!

  104. astro Says:

    BTW, what was the unsportsmanlike? I missed it.

  105. dfm Says:

    Lambeau leap is “grandfathered in” LOL

  106. dfm Says:

    ELI on third down again, man he is money!

  107. johnnyj Says:

    Go. For. It.

  108. dfm Says:

    shit fourth down fail.

  109. astro Says:

    lol clownshow reverse. How did the Giants not get that?

  110. astro Says:


  111. johnnyj Says:


  112. dfm Says:


  113. TD Says:


  114. dfm Says:

    ELI on third down again to Cruuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuz

  115. astro Says:

    !!!! to Cruz all day. Can’t stop it.

  116. TD Says:

    You know what that means!!!?
    Cruz gets traded next year… it always happens!

    • astro Says:

      Unlikely, he’s restricted and plays for pennies. Good chance NYG hooks him up with some cash, though.

      • astro Says:

        Correction, under contract for pennies. Making the minimum next year, but under contract. Still gonna make some $ after this year I bet.

  117. dfm Says:


  118. johnnyj Says:

    BOOOM! Giants.

  119. TD Says:


  120. johnnyj Says:

    Eli hasn’t had that much time to eat his ham sammich in the pocket today…This is gonna be fun!

  121. dfm Says:

    haha they would rather talk about the stupid wet football then show vernon davis doing his thang for a penalty, it isn’t like we are never going to find out

  122. dfm Says:

    horseshit call, Coughlin knows the fix is in, they just have to overcome.

  123. astro Says:

    Fight! Fight! Fight!

  124. dfm Says:

    lol Davis

  125. johnnyj Says:

    Uhhhhhhg. Niners lighting it up…

  126. johnnyj Says:

    Shot time! Bring it on! You too TD-


  127. dfm Says:

    lol they called this excessive celebration probably because he used the camera stand as a prop to stand on. The NFL sucks. Toward the end of the video.

  128. dfm Says:


  129. johnnyj Says:


  130. johnnyj Says:


  131. astro Says:


  132. TD Says:

    Cruz has Magnets for hands!

  133. johnnyj Says:

    boom. giants.

  134. dfm Says:

    FUCK YEA nice drive ELI. Astro video above of Davis’s horrible penalty.

  135. astro Says:

    Guants take the lead! Cruz ruled that drive.

  136. dfm Says:

    NFL can’t compete trying to fix that shit vs. our liquor consumption. The gods are on our side!

  137. johnnyj Says:


  138. johnnyj Says:

    Ok, time to quit fiddlefuckin around. GAME ON!

  139. johnnyj Says:

    Oeeew, eat shit SMITH!

  140. dfm Says:

    Oh man such bullshit! Fix.

  141. TD Says:

    That looked like a “Please don’t kill me” run.

  142. TD Says:

    Most punters woulda done a two and a half rolling twist with such a hit.

  143. dfm Says:

    Cruuuuz again!

  144. dfm Says:

    Dave Diehl from ILLINOIS gets a compliment from Aikman, nice.

  145. johnnyj Says:


  146. astro Says:

    Tinyhands to VD again. No disgusting act this time…

  147. dfm Says:

    Vernon motherfucking Davis. Well it was nice of them to get a TD after those six ref fixed calls.

  148. dfm Says:

    haha could Buck be rooting for SF any harder?

  149. johnnyj Says:




  150. dfm Says:

    Alright gents, I am watching the rest of this one in the horizontal position, laterz. GO ELI.

  151. johnnyj Says:

    This shit is totally rigged. Cheaters!!!

  152. TD Says:

    I’m startin to think 49ers.

  153. astro Says:

    Refs cheating again. That was a Giants TD.

  154. johnnyj Says:

    It’s Injun voodoo dance time—that means grab your shot glass!

  155. johnnyj Says:

    Vagiant ball!


  156. astro Says:

    I can’t wait to here Gun’s retarded explanation of how he’s gonna fuck this up.

  157. astro Says:


  158. johnnyj Says:


  159. TD Says:

    I’m startin to think Viagiantss

  160. johnnyj Says:

    See TD, the SHOT WORKED!


  161. TD Says:

    After these internet shots, can you imagine this group getting together as some rowdy sports bar?

  162. astro Says:

    Apparently Chip Kelly is leaving the Ducks to go to the Bucs. Didn’t see that one coming. NCAA sanctions must be looming – he’s pulling a Pete Carroll.

    • johnnyj Says:

      Hahha No way! Suck it DUCKS!—Cheaters.

      • johnnyj Says:

        …Well-known FSN announcer and UW boy Petros Papaduakis (sp?) called Carroll out on that crap. Carroll got flustered/pissed and won’t talk to him at all now…

        …We all know the truth, hell WE called that back in 06–And we were right!
        …Prolly the same situation with the cheater Ducks…

  163. astro Says:

    Tiny hands, but quick feet. Game back on.

  164. johnnyj Says:

    OK VAGIANT D…Do something.

  165. johnnyj Says:

    We. Have. A Ballgame. Gents.

  166. johnnyj Says:

    Astro, TD—


  167. johnnyj Says:

    2 minute warning—Cheers boys!

  168. johnnyj Says:


  169. TD Says:

    the magic hands of Cruz just weren’t there this time.

  170. johnnyj Says:

    Smith is gonna throw Pic-6 here.

  171. TD Says:

    Two obvious possibilities:
    replay of last game.

  172. johnnyj Says:


  173. astro Says:



  174. TD Says:


  175. astro Says:

    OT, here we come. I’m going to bed, tell me who won in the morning.

  176. johnnyj Says:

    “…Heads I win, Tails you lose…”

  177. johnnyj Says:

    OK. I am prepared for a big dish of likey the tears…


  178. johnnyj Says:

    Pouring, doin the Injun dance…

  179. TD Says:

    Squeezin’, dancin’
    they can’t help but get a score!

  180. johnnyj Says:


    Good grief.

  181. johnnyj Says:


  182. johnnyj Says:

    Hey TD, are you a wine drinker at all?

  183. TD Says:

    I’m startin’ to think vagiants.

  184. johnnyj Says:

    Well, place your bets!

  185. johnnyj Says:


  186. johnnyj Says:


    SUCK IT SK*!!!!

  187. TD Says:

    Well, DFM was half(ass) right in his prediction.

    Till Superbowl!

  188. johnnyj Says:

    OH SNAP, It’s a throwdown with my boy AhhhhStro in the SUPERBOWL!

    Still sending me “all the booze” Ahstro? Yeah, that sounds good…

  189. johnnyj Says:

  190. johnnyj Says:

  191. johnnyj Says:

    Oh, Manning vs Brady, NE vs NY…

    …This shit is totally fixed!

  192. Sk8 Says:

    Damn you DFM!!!!!11!!21@#32!~!!

    Damn you to helllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllla.

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