All In


I have said from the beginning of the search for the new Illinois football head coach that whoever they get needs to be all in. What I mean by that is that he needs to get the alums, students, community, local high schools, ex players, and anyone else who is a member of the Illini nation to be ALL IN, 100% to righting the program.

Tim Beckman has been doing a great job of this so far, doing non stop PR stops from Chicago to Indy to St. Louis and locally in the Champaign area. Illinois CAN do it like Wisconsin, but we need everyone on board 100%, just like Wisco.

Finally, finally, after me bitching for at least a decade and a half, they are thinking about redesigning the goddamned helmet. Here is the current version:

Damn that is some ugly shit. But we are famous for ugly helmets. Here are some past designs:

Yep, pretty bad.

Well, here are some new concepts they are thinking about for this year:

The CLEAR winner is that fabulous blue helmet with the Block I on it.

Hopefully that is the one they will go with.

This seems minor, but it is all a good sign to me – Beckman needs to break with the past and something stupid like a helmet change seems small, but I am behind it 100% if it means we can get some consistency in the program and if it helps at all in the theme of doing business differently.


10 Responses to “All In”

  1. dfm Says:

    I might even make that block I a tad larger, but I wouldn’t complain about that helmet if that is the one they end up with.

  2. Sk8 Says:

    Astro got my hot sauces! Booyah, quite a good selection I may say as well. The Habeñero isn’t even too hot, just right. Thanks!

    DFM and TD, you should be getting your PT stuff soon. Not too exciting, but you can put most of it on fish and it ain’t too bad.

  3. TD Says:

    Status Check:
    JJ’s goodies arrived… many thanks!
    I got a bottle of fine 12 year old sippin’ scotch from (identiy unknown). Whoever you are, I ‘ppreciate it!
    BTW: Who has what teams for the Supre Boll game?

  4. TD Says:

    “The Eagle Has Landed”
    … just in time for Souper Bowl Spicy Marinated Shrimp!
    What do you do with the jar of marinated pebbles?

    • johnnyj Says:

      Yep, confirmed TD, the scotch is from ‘Gat’ the mormon…

    • Sk8 Says:

      TD, those are called Tromossos. The portuguese just put em in a dish and you eat the like olives. They are a little salty, nice with beer. The piri piri sauce is like tobasco, and the other piri paste goes good with fish or eggs. Have a good SB!

      Who you going for?

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