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Draft Weekend

April 26, 2012

I will be in and out this weekend, but lets hear your draft thoughts along with classic Maiden and Megadeth videos. I will also be hanging out at Fire Everybody.


New Season Pool Proposal

April 23, 2012

I have been thinking about the new pool for next years kfil series and have a general idea of the way I think this will go.

I am going to set up a league on Yahoo, similar to what we do for the bowl pool. We have four options.

Pick winners
Pick winners with confidence points
Pick winners against the spread
Pick winners against the spread with confidence points

I am probably not going to run this against the spread, as not everyone understands it and it makes things that much more complicated. I am leaning toward doing it “pick winners with confidence points” to keep everyone honest.

I don’t know how Yahoo sets it up, but I hope I can maybe pick a set of games, or certain games. The last thing I want everyone to do is to have to go through and pick forty or fifty games, including BFU State University vs. Northwest Texas Christian Tech State College of Pediatricians in their annual butt floss rivalry game.

I also hope to be able to ax the bullshit games like Wisconsin vs. UTEP (an actual game this year) and other crap like that. I am thinking 20 games a week will keep it real.

So how will a winner be picked? It will have to be “ballparked” by me, the commish. This is because it is very difficult for everyone to get picks in every week. Some of us will do it every week, but some will have to travel for work in the fall (me) or get deployed (ks8) or maybe just don’t fucking feel like doing it every single week. So Yahoo will keep track of the standings and at the end, if there isn’t a clear winner, I will just pick one, or split the winnings between those who deserve it.

Speaking of splitting, I also propose that the winner gets 75% of the take, and second place gets 25%. I still haven’t drank the avalanche of booze that I received after my pool win last year – it is just too much at once.

I think this will be more fun than our random suffering of years past. Lets hear your thoughts here. This is your chance to speak up or you will have to stfu when I get things finalized for the season. I have another stupid cycling post in the can for tomorrow, but after that I will bump this back to the top for more discussion. Thanks, Dan.

Race Day!

April 22, 2012

Liege-Bastogne-Liege today, the last of our Spring Classics. Ah, La Doyenne! 257 km of fun. Man that is a long, brutal day. You can get your streams here starting at 0700. NBC Sports Network has a tape dalay on the race starting at 0030 on Monday the 23rd. Retards! Here is the profile, clicky for bigger.

Race Day!

April 18, 2012

Our final Ardennes classic today, La Fleche Walloneget your streams here if you want ’em. I will try to get a replay tonight after work. One good thing about being a cycling fan is that you never get results ruined for the tape dalay since US media largely ignores the sport, and especially anything not TDF related.

Race Day!

April 15, 2012

Amstel Gold race today as the Spring Classics continue. Streams available at – Pretty sure no coverage today on NBC Sports Network.

Amstel Gold

April 11, 2012

The Spring Classics continue with the Amstel Gold race this Sunday (streams on Boonen has already pulled out because of a “foot infection”. Huh? Did this come on between his win at Paris-Roubaix and now? Very odd.

256.5 km, man that is another LONG race..

Race Day!

April 8, 2012

Paris-Roubaix on NBS Sports Network starting at 0800 Central.

ks8 and I were talking about helmets in the last thread. I have a good story. The first day in France last year, one of my riding partners crashed while descending. He brushed himself off and seemed OK and rode back after we got his bike back together. The eventual cause of the wreck, we later found out, was his own fault – he was using tubeless tires and didn’t have them glued on well enough – he made a sharp turn at high speed and the tire rolled off the rim and down he went.

Everything seemed OK besides his nasty road rash and sprained wrist. Then after showering up after we got back to the cabins, he started asking everyone when we were going to go riding and why he had the road rash. Off to the hospital for him, and of course he had a concussion and it cost him a week of riding. He felt like shit the whole rest of the trip.

Two lessons – if you are going to ride tubeless, glue your tires on well! I am a clincher/tube guy so no worries there. Most importantly, wear a fuckin’ helmet – no matter how short the ride is. Below are photos of his helmet after the crash – it was worse than it looks. His cranium would have been splattered all over the road if he didn’t have a helmet on.


April 5, 2012

Paris-Roubaix Sunday, live coverage starting at 8am on NBC Sports Network. Here is last years race. What an unbelievable race this is – easily my favorite one day event. I really need to ride this route someday.

Race Day!

April 1, 2012

Tour of Flanders at 0730 on NBC Sports Network live.