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NFL Week 4

September 30, 2012

Chickens at Rams at noon, Bears play the Boyz tomorrow night.


Saturday Football Update

September 29, 2012

I won’t be around once again as I am on my way to the wilds of Indiana with a bunch of other bitter clingers for Gunstock V. Gonna deposit lots o lead into the Indiana countryside.

Today’s highlights include:
11 – The Hogs at The Aggies
11 – JoPa (do we call it that anymore?) at the Illini
2.30 – Louisiana Monroe at Tulane
9.30 – Oregon at Wazzu

And much more! And what would today be without a good gif to start it off?

Thursday Night Football

September 27, 2012

Oh boy, tonight we have Washington hosting the trees at 8 on the uno! I might even watch a bit of the first half.

NFL Week 3

September 23, 2012

Hot Carl and I are representing once again at Soldier Field today with the Bears hosting the hated Rams. Chickens play tomorrow night hosting discount double check.

Saturday Football Update

September 22, 2012

Alright, the season moves along this weekend with some good matchups. Of greatest importance:
11 – Olay Miss at Tulane
1 – Northwestern Oklahoma State at the University of Texas San Antonio (I know!)
3 – Colorado at Wazzu – word on the street is that CU might go defeated this year for the first time in since the last century
6 – Souf Carolina State at Texas A and M
6 – LSU at Whargles (good luck with that TD)
7 – Louisiana Tech at Illinois – I hope we aren’t taking this for granted.
9.30 – Kitty Kats at Oregon

And much more, including M at Notre Dame.

Looks like the Huskiyse have the weekend off.

Friday Night Football

September 21, 2012

Baylor at Louisiana/Monroe at 7. Don’t kid yourself ULM is fo real this year.

Thursday Night Football

September 20, 2012

Mormons at Boise at 8 on the uno. Also, the VaGiants play the Cam Newtons tonight.

NFL Week 2

September 16, 2012

The Bears already shit the bed on Thursday, so today we have the Chickens hosting the Cowboys in chapter two of RusselMania.

Saturday Football Update

September 15, 2012

Well, I don’t have a ton of time, so just a new thread starter for today’s slate.

…All times Pacific…

…A fresh batch of Cupcakes today:

–9am on the BTN: Charleston Soufern @ Illinois: C’mon man.

–9am¬† on the P12N: TennesseeTech @ Oregun: C’mon man.

–12:30 noTV?: Tejas A&M@ SMU…

–1pm on FX: Portland State @ Washington: Really? C’mon man. I think we’ll end up watching this one in the Beer Garden at the “Clink” today…

–2pm on ESPN: Florida¬†@ Tennessee: That should be pretty good…

–4pm on ESPN3: Idaho @ LSU: That’s just wrong…

–4:30 on Fox: USC @ Stanford: Lets go Cardinal!

–5pm on ABC: Notre Dame @ Sparty…

…And a bunch of other Cupcake games…


…Friday Night Fooozball…

September 14, 2012

…Hot Damn, the WAZZU COOOOOOGS in the spotlight tonight vs UNLV….6pm pacific on ESPN… Yes, I will be watching this disaster…

“This ain’t Lubbock; oh look a bar!”