Cowboys Giants


NFL starts tonight with ‘Boys at VaGiants. Not sure how much of this I will watch, but I am going to be rooting for the Boyz for sure as I now hate all things Manning.

More importantly, the College Football Pick’em is working great, just like the bowl pool and this weeks picks are up. Looks like that is going to be a good way to do the pool this year. And it will give us rooting interests for dead times between our favorite games.


11 Responses to “Cowboys Giants”

  1. Sk8 Says:

    I got the e mail reminder to “pick em”, so I did. I like that, pretty nice.

    • dfm Says:

      yep working well so far – we will see how everyone feels after we have done it for a few weeks.

      • johnnyj Says:

        …I like it and it should work fine unless one of us doesn’t do the picks in time…Like dfm said, it gives us a rooting interest…I also think that the picks will be more split between the group once conference play gets going—And that’s when the “SUCK IT BITCHES!” smack-talk starts…

  2. Carl from Chicago Says:

    Damn I see neckbeard out there for the Cowboys. A backup QB is like a left handed reliever they play forever.

    We used to play Jesse Orosco with Nintendo 64 baseball back in the 80’s and damn if I didn’t see that guy pitch against the White Sox for the Twins in like 2002.

  3. johnnyj Says:

    …Heard this at a ‘Soccer bar’ (PROST!) this evening—forgot how great this album is…

  4. johnnyj Says:

    Yeah, That’s what I meant:

  5. dfm Says:

    sk8 – it is all crashing down now – even low level pros are fessin’ up:

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