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Saturday Football Update

October 27, 2012

Well, time to separate the men from the boys here in this kollej football chase for the championships. Today’s action highlights:

11am – game of the week with Indiana visiting Illinois
2.30 – Florida vs. Georgia
2.30 – Sparty at Wisco – I will be at this one and then off to the Halloween par-tay – should get some good photos from that
2.30 – UAB at Tulane
5.15 – Wazzu at Stanford
6 – Aggies at Whargles – who ya got, td?
7 – Notre Dame at Oklahomo – Of course I can never cheer for ND, but if they win it is OK, evir pran of them running the table to get crushed for my entertainment on New Years Day by (insert crazed SEC team here)
9.15 – Beavers at Huskiyes


Thursday Night Football

October 25, 2012

Clemson at Wake Forest at 6.30 on zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz. Bucs at Queens if you want to do the pro thang.

Monday Night Football

October 22, 2012

Bears Lions tonight! Since I just moved (and since my life is currently a steaming pile of donkey shit) I still don’t have cable or internets so no game for me. Oh well, Hot Carl will be at the game to represent so GO BEARS!

Saturday Football Update

October 20, 2012

The season rolls on, and I firmly hold control of the cellar in the pool. This directly reflects the amount of time I spend on the picks, which is approximately 30 seconds per week. On with the show.

The Illini have a well deserved week off, after getting absolutely destroyed in Michigan last week. We are hopeless.
11 – LSU at the Aggies
11.21 (that is what it says on ESPN) – Whargles at Vandy
2.30 – Mormons vs. Catholics! I love the religious showdowns.
7 – Tulane at UTEP
9 – Washington at Kitty Katz on the Pac Twelven Network so nobody can watch it.
And much more!
The Coogs also take a well deserved week off.

Thursday Night Football

October 18, 2012

Houston at SMU at 7.
Oregon at the Kitty Katz Sparky at 8.

NFL Week 6

October 14, 2012

The Beloved get a well deserved week off, and RussellMania hosts the Patsies at 3. Hope that one is on here.

In a week or two I won’t have to hope anymore since as a moving present my wife got me EVERY football network (I think including that dumb Pac Tweleven network) for our new dish which is a kickass present if I don’t say so myself.

Saturday Football Update

October 13, 2012

I am moving this weekend so no time to do a post, but here is a new thread for today’s games. I shot rr an email so maybe he will put up a schedule and/or other entertainment for you.

Thursday Night Football

October 11, 2012

Triple play tonight!
Western KY at Troy at 6.30 on the U.
UTEP at Tulsa at 7.
Sparky at Colorado at 8 on the uno.

Also, Steelers at Titanicus Maximus if you want to do the pro thing.

NFL Week 5

October 7, 2012

Bears at Jagoffs at 3, RusselMania is at the CamCams at noon.

Had a great time at the Badger game yesterday, what a party and we almost pulled that shit out of our asses. But you know, fml and all that….

Saturday Football Update

October 6, 2012

Well, lets see – clearly the marquis matchup of today is the Illinois Fighting Illini visiting the hated Wisconsin Badgers here in Madison at 2.30. Hot Carl and I will be representing there with the other two hundred or so Illinois fans bedecked in orange and blue amid a sea of red. High of only 46 tomorrow. My prediction is Badgers win by 35 and that Dan and Carl leave at halftime when we are down 21.

Other games of interest on today’s slate:
10.30 – Navy at AFA – besides the Zoomies being in this one, I like that early starting time.
11 – Northwestern at JoPa – Northwestern is undefeated this year so far, and is a very well coached team. I would argue that the Northwestern coaching staff is one of the best in the country, the way they always get more out of less.
11 – Hogs at Whargles – what a disastrous year for the Hogs
2.30 – LSU at Florida – wish I could watch a bit of this game but I will probably be able to watch the second half because the Illini game is at 2.30.
4 – Tulane at Louisiana-Lafayette
5 – Wazzu at Oregon State
6 – Aggies at Olay Miss
6.30 – Miami at Notre Dame at Soldier Field – ND has beaten a bunch of cupcakes so far and Miami is good, but not that good. I can’t wait for ND’s inevitable fall this year
9.30 – The DAWGS at Oregon – a “natural” wraparound for Sk8 on this one as I think it will be 4.30am in Porto when this thing kicks off.