Pick Em Early Results


I think the kfb pick ’em thing is working pretty well. A spread of six games separates first place and fourth, and only three between first and third. We have picked 100 games so far. I would be interested to hear if anyone has suggestions to improve it, such as picking our own games (can’t do that this year but we can do it next year maybe), or if you want to start picking against the spread, or with confidence points, or both, or whatever. As for me, I think keeping it simple, stupid is best so I like the current format. Let me know in the comments what you think so far.


14 Responses to “Pick Em Early Results”

  1. dfm Says:

  2. Sk8 Says:

    I like the new system, but would like confidence points, it’s fine though.

  3. johnnyj Says:

    I like the current system but wouldn’t mind adding the confidence points next season…I’m not a fan of all the spread garbage, I think we can do without that…
    …The default games seem to be fine (except for WSU/Oregon, c’mon man) but that didn’t stop CR from choosing poorly!
    …All in all it’s been fun and will come down to the wire, it’s up in the air for anybody to take!

  4. dfm Says:

    I also think that 20 games is enough and I like the games that Yahoo has been picking. Some big time games, some no names.

  5. Sk8 Says:

    My impression of the ass pounding debate last night:

  6. Sk8 Says:

    Gotta love blondes:

  7. johnnyj Says:

    Wtf? No thurs. or fri. foozball update? is DFM on holiday? The mighty Utes gave USuC a scare last night; for a minute…And this Pitt/Syracuse game is gonna get really interesting soon, me thinks…

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