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Friday Night Football

November 30, 2012

MAC championship with my NIU Huskies vs. Kent State. Pac 10 championship with fUCLA vs. Standford.


Thursday Night Football

November 29, 2012

Louisville at Rutgers. I don’t think so. Saints at Falcons if you want some pro action.

NFL Week 12

November 25, 2012

Queens at Bears, noon. Chickens at Mihammy, also at noon.

Saturday Football Update

November 24, 2012

Some good rivalry games this weekend and the end of the season for some.

11 – The Game, with Michigan at tOSU. This totally cracks me up and I want tOSU to win. Of course I hate both teams and wish they could bof lose, but the irony on this game is delicious. tOSU last year when the NCAA came calling for the violations could have taken the one game bowl ban LAST YEAR, when they were in a crap bowl, but no. So, now they have a chance to run the table and they now have to take their bowl game ban THIS YEAR, when they would have been a shoo in for the national title game. Love it! Go Buckeyes! You dumb fucks!

11 – Illinois at Northwestern – God damn I am glad the season ends here today against our hated in state rival Northwestern. Our new coach (wisely, haha) started picking a fight with Northwestern, trying to fuel up the rivalry. Instead, Northwestern is typically good and we haven’t won a Big Ten game in well over a year now. They are going to kick our ass and take the Land of Lincoln trophy away from us for the forseeable future.

2 – Oregon at Oregon State in the Civil War – The Ducks still have an outside shot at the NC game, but they need to take care of business in Corvallis if that is going to happen. On the dumb Pac 12 Network, so nobody gets to watch.

2.30 – Auburn vs. Alabama – Iron Bowl, baby! Bama should cruise in this one, and TD’s Whargles look to be on probation very soon as the NCAA investigators are swarming the Auburn campus for a bazillion violations. Lets just vacate that Cam Newton title now rather than stringing it out.

2.30 – Florida at Florida State – always an entertaining rivalry, and one with big national implications

2.30 – Olkaholo State at Oklahomo – Bedlam!

2.30 – Tulane at Houston – It looks like Tulane will end yet another dismal year with the same record as the Illini at 2-10 after they lose at Houston today.

6 – Mizzou at Tejas A and M – what a great year for the Aggies. That new coach Sumlin is doing a great job with Mike Sherman’s kids.

7 – ND at USuC – I am OK with whoever wins in this one. If the Trojanicus Maximus pull it off, it crushes ND’s plans of a NC appearance. If ND wins, evir pran!!!! They will hopefully get housed in the NC game by (Alabama, Georgia or Florida). And then we can licky the sweet tears of all the ND fans.

Friday Football

November 23, 2012

Now that the turkeys are eaten, it is time to get back to the real meaning of Thanksgiving weekend, football!

11am – In one of the most tradition laden games, we have Texas playing at Texas A and M cancelled due to money grubbing conferences
11am – Nebraska at Iowa in the battle of the corn
1.30 – LSU at Arkansas playing for the boot
2.30 – Apple Cup! On FOX so I might be able to watch as the Huskiys dismantle the Coogz
9 – Sparky at the Kitty Catz

Hope you all had a good turkey day!

Pool Note

November 20, 2012

Just looked at the pool and after rr shit the bed on his picks last week, it is very tight, with just four games separating rr, sk8 and myself. But lets see who is in the cellar with no chance of winning? Well, I’ll be, Mr. Big Shit Talker cr. Time to bring this guy back:

Just two more weeks of picks left, this is turning out pretty good. Then on to the bowl pool!

NFL Week 10

November 18, 2012

The Chickens get a well deserved week off, while the Bears play the Niners on Monday Night.

Saturday Football Update

November 17, 2012

How about them Warshington Huskieys and Texas A and M Aggies making the top 25! And how about those Illinois Fighting Illini, who have lost twelve consecutive Big Televen games! Moving right along with today’s action……
12.30 – Washington at CU – the Huskys better take care of bizness in this one
2 – Wazzu at Sparky
2.30 – Sam Houston State at Texas A and M – WOW and I thought Illinois lined up the creampuffs for out of conference…
2.30 – Purdon’t at Illinois – I am pretty sure we will lose the Cannon again this year
2.30 – E. Carolina at Tulane
7 – Stanford at Oregon

Friday Night Football

November 16, 2012

Florida International at Florida Atlantic (why not?) at 7 on the U, and Hawaii at the Zoomies at 8.30. Best coach rant of the year so far at the end of that Wyoming/Zoomie game after a Zoomie player faked an injury toward the end of the game. “Look at me MISTER HOWDY FUCKIN’ DOODY!”

Thursday Night Football

November 15, 2012

Norf Carolina at Vagina at 6.30. Dolphins at Bills if you want to do the pro thang.