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Bowls 20, 21, 22 and 23

December 31, 2012

11 – Music City Bowl, Norf Carolina State vs. Vandy on the uno
1 – Sun Bowl, USC vs. Ga Tech on CBS
I don’t know how many of you saw the story, but Lane Fuckin Kiffin and the Trojans were so late to the Sun Bowl dinner that the Yellow Jackets finally walked out. Lane Fuckin’ Kiffin.

2.30 – Liberty Bowl, Iowa State vs. Tulsa on the uno
6.30 – Chick Fil A bowl, Clemson vs. LSU on the uno


NFL Week 17 and Playoff Pool Notes

December 30, 2012

Bears at Lions – and GO Packers!

Chickens vs. Rams – buh GAWK! If the Bears are out of it, I am on the Chicken bandwagon full steam ahead.

As usual, dfm, sk8, rr and astro will have three teams each in the playoff pool. Video will be posted when the picks are made.

Bowls 15, 16, 17, 18 and 19

December 29, 2012

Football, football, football!
10.45 – Armed Forces Bowl – Zoomies vs. Rice on the uno
2.15 – New Era Pinstripe Bowl – Strippers and coal U vs. Syracuse on the uno
3 – Kraft Fight Hunger Bowl – Navy vs. Sparky on the deuce
5.45 – Alamo Bowl – Tejas vs. the Beavers on the uno
9.15 – bw3 bowl! Sparty vs. TCU on the uno

UPDATE – word has it that td will be at the AF/Rice game with tix courtesy of that son of a bitch Snakeye. sk8 points out that this is probably the only person in the pool that will actually attend a bowl game this year – correct me if I am wrong.

Bowls 12, 13 and 14

December 28, 2012

Three more today, all on the uno:

1 – Independence Bowl – Ohio vs. La-Monroe (wish I could watch this one but some of us gotta work)
4.30 – Russell Athletic Bowl – Rutgers (newest Big Ten member! lol) vs. Va Tech
8 – Texas Bowl – Minnesota Golden Chokers vs. Texas Tech – LeButtock!

Today I work and then a half day tomorrow and then I am going on football overload until Jan 2. Hooray! Good thing I got plenty of booze for Christmas.

Bowls 9, 10, and 11

December 27, 2012

Three games today for us all on the uno!

2 – Military Bowl – San Jose St. vs. Bowling Green
5.30 – Belk Bowl – Cincy vs. Duke
8.45 – Holiday Bowl – Baylor vs. fUCLA

Bowl 8

December 26, 2012

Little Caesars Bowl! Western Kentucky vs. Central Michigan at 6.30 on the uno. Damn I am still smarting from Fresno shitting the bed a few days ago. That was pathetic.

Bowl 7

December 24, 2012

Hawaii Bowl – Fresno vs. SMU at 7 on the uno.

NFL Week 16

December 23, 2012

Bears at Cardinal, Chickens host the Niners.

Arizona calls for DFM again, but he was still nursing a ‘Fighting Cock’ hangover and turned them down.  They’re trotting out “QB” Ryan Lindley for this CROWN THEIR ASS matchup, to the continuing dismay of poor Fitz.


Chickens/Niners will be the tits.

E:  Speaking of ass crowning, the most glorious memory of the last Bears/Cards game in AZ:

E2:  Youtube has so many vids of this game.  This one is nice because of Denny’s happy recap.  It’s also sad because of the Mike Brown and Brian Urlacher plays when they were in their unstoppable primes.  Mike Brown’s career ended far too soon, and this game was Url’s career best and the highlights will probably be played when he’s inducted in the hall of fame (26 tackles!).  It’s funny for Sexy Rexy  funslinging 4 ints and fumbling twice.  Bonus for a rookie Devin Hester return TD.

E3:  Hester is gonna return another one this Sunday.

Bowls 5 and 6

December 22, 2012

11 – New Orleans Bowl with La-Lafayette vs. E. Carolina
2.30 – Las Vegas Bowl, with the DAWGS vs. BOISE – looking forward to this one.


Bowl 4

December 21, 2012

The tradition laden Beef O Brady’s Bowl! UCF vs. Ball State at 6.30.