Bowls 1 and 2


And heeeeeeeeeeeere we go with 35 glorious, or not so glorious bowls.

Gildan New Mexico Bowl, noon – Kitty Katz vs. Nevada
Famous Idaho Potato Bowl, 3.30 – Toledo vs. Utah State


38 Responses to “Bowls 1 and 2”

  1. johnnyj Says:

    GAMEDAY! Nice to see that TD joined bringing the total to 8…That’s a good pile of booze to the winner!

    Still don’t know who ‘brian’ is, he should introduce himself…And Suck it.

  2. astro Says:

    Everybody on Arizona in this one.

  3. TD Says:

    My strategy: Go ugly early! Get the disappointments outta the way.

  4. Sk8 Says:

    Arizona has the onside!

    Doesn’t really matter cause we all picked em though.

  5. TD Says:

    Wow!!!! What a finish!!!! PAT NOW

  6. chops Says:

    its a good start for chops.
    you guys want my address now? or?

  7. chops Says:

    toledo skrt? really?
    the jet fuel fumes gettin to ya?
    SUCK IT!
    Johnny says kiss his lilly white ass!

  8. chops Says:

    can i barrow a dollar?
    john is kicking my ass in foosball

  9. chops Says:

    best of 15?
    i think johny can quit his job now.
    chops is not good at foosball.
    maybe jenga

  10. TD Says:

    Sooooooo, chops…. who are ya?

  11. chops Says:

    hey TD, im a good friend of johns. I went to high school with john and sk8’s wife.
    live in seattle.
    john was kind enough to invite me in to this bowl pickem group.

    how about you? where are you located?

  12. TD Says:

    TD=Trav’s Dad. Trav and Astro flew together at Clovis AFB (a distant galaxy, far, far away), and talked me into joining KFIL. I live on a small ranch in-the-middle-of-nowhere, Texas (about 100 mi west of Ft Worth).
    My fav teams are Texas A&M (Gig ’em,Aggies!), AF Academy, Auburn, Ariz St, and Penn St.
    Least fav’s are Texas (we call em TU, or Teasips down here), Alabama (except when they’re playing Notre Dame) and Michigan.


  13. chops Says:

    good to meet you.
    I look forward to ‘hopefully’ tasting what tejas has to offer in beer

  14. johnnyj Says:

    High Confidence Utah State. Damn.

    Sk8, you are a brave soul…Perhaps intelligent, too…

  15. chops Says:

    screw you johnnyj
    I went to high school for 7 yrs— im no dummy!

  16. chops Says:

    Im thinking Utah St has this one wrapped up.
    Well done on the confidence points TD!

    watch out for sk8 though

  17. johnnyj Says:

    That Utah State “confidence” is starting to look like we all planned it that way!? 41-15 now…

    It’s gonna be fun, Gents…

    Suck it Brian.

  18. johnnyj Says:

    …And a country song, of course:

  19. johnnyj Says:

    …Still trying to get the ‘mormon’ aka ‘GatherMORmON’ aka ‘frodo’ to chime in…He’s cheering for ND because his wife graduated from there (he’s a Weber State boy, utah)!

    Hmmmm, A Mormon AND Catholic wedding?!? OMG!

    Yeah, it was a good time. I brought fireworks, it’s the INJUN in me…

  20. johnnyj Says:

    ..Alll the sound in my speakers JUST went out…Anyone know how to fix that?

  21. chops Says:

    oh ive got some ideas,
    they start with open your ears jack ass.
    are you sure you just didnt hit the mute botton?
    i can get you on a plane ‘back’ from chicago, does that help?
    the speakers on my laptop work just fine, you should get one, I know how much you love the mouse pad.
    SUCK IT!

  22. johnny Says:

    “…Hey Toby. I’m out of chewin tobaccy. Go pick me some fine, fine goods. You little fuck…”

  23. johnnyj Says:

    …I have the DAWGS at 35 points confidence…Pshhhhhhhhhhh——

  24. johnnyj Says:

    I meant 34…

  25. chops Says:

    Breed’em Young U!!
    never bet against the Mormons, its Gods will.

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