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New Thread

January 24, 2013

Always refreshing!


Championship Sunday

January 20, 2013

Niners vs. Falcons, Ravens vs. Patriots.

Nobody can stop the Partiots, with their Illinois “triplets” of Hoomanawanui, Brandon Lloyd and Tavon Wilson. AJ Jenkins will be featured for the 49ers, and the Ravens even have an Illini on their practice squad, Jack Cornell.

That is pretty much all I have had to cheer for this college football season.

East West Shrine Game

January 19, 2013


I’m probably the only one watching, but I figure it is worth savoring since we’ve got this, the Senior Bowl, and 4 NFL games left before the long drought begins.

New Thread

January 14, 2013

New threads are delicious and nutritious. I think today’s big story will be the Lance confession to Oprah of all people. What a dbag.

Divisional Playoffs

January 13, 2013

Chickens at Atlanta, Texans at Patriots. Fuck you bitches!

Divisional Playoffs

January 12, 2013

Ravens at Broncos, Packers at Niners.

I am pretty sure one of my work wives will be at the Broncos game. She is called the “football whore” by most of us.

Update:  Yep, she is there “getting ready to freeze my ass off” was the quote.


January 8, 2013

Well, as rr pointed out in the last thread, “all of our sixers belong to him” as they say. If you need his address shoot me an email at johnstone185 at gmail dot com or jj’s email is johnnyj3 at comcast dot net. And I just sent him a package for the pool win and the chickens beating up the bears. Oh well, it comes in waves I guess.

Also, lets use this thread to try to deconstruct why you lost in the pool (for me it was Fresno and Michigan) and any other general thoughts you have about this last kollej football season.

There is absolutely no end in sight for my beloved Illini getting better after an atrocious season. Anything over .500 will be a minor miracle. Looking forward to the game against the hated Warshington HUSKIEYS at Soldier Field next season though. Anyone reading this should consider coming. I am quite sure we will go full retard for that one.

Bowl 35

January 7, 2013

Well, tonight they play for all the marbles.

Here is where we stand in the pool.

TD, dfm, sk8 and chops are all eliminated. JJ looks to be holding all the cards with the most possible points so I would assume someone will change their pick to ND – this is assuming that jj has Alabama as his pick.

I only have one thing to say:

Bowl 34 and Wild Card Weekend

January 6, 2013 bowl, Kent State vs. Arkansas State at 8 on the uno.

Pro – Indy vs. Baltimore and the CHICKENS vs. the Redskins. Hail to the chickens!

Bowl 33 and NFL Wildcard Weekend

January 5, 2013

Noon – Compass Bowl – Pitt vs. Olay Miss.

Nobody is eliminated from the bowl pool yet, but chops has one foot out the door.

I don’t have time to put up the video, but as a reminder, here are the teams for this years playoff pool:
rr – falcons, redskins, 49ers
sk8 – chickens, queens, pack
astro – bengals, broncos, ravens
dfm – pats, colts, texans

Today we have Bengals vs. Texans in the early game, with Queens at the Slack in the late game. Not too cold up here for this time of year, we might get above freezing today. Plenty of warmth to let that crowd get liquored up real good.