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  1. astro Says:

    Hey DFM, your favorite Bear has a new blog:

    Leave a comment and you could win a prize!

  2. astro Says:

    Here’s a fan made documentary about the Browns since they were ‘reborn’ as a new franchise. Holy shit it is depressing. We make fun of ourselves as fans of the Seahawks, or Bears, or Huskies, or Green Wave, or Aggies, but this puts it in perspective.

    25 minutes, but well worth watching.

    The recurring theme of ‘He would never play another down in the NFL’ is just so depressing. JTI’s suicide makes a little more sense now.

  3. johnnyj Says:

    …And a country song, of course:

  4. dfm Says:

    Looks like JWebb took down a bunch of comments, or there is a malfunction at his blog. Sigh.

  5. Sk8 Says:

    Hey, an AF F-16 is missing from Aviano, Italy since Monday. Snakeye is in the 555th Tactical Fighter Squadron, hope all is ok.–sector.html

  6. dfm Says:

  7. johnnyj Says:

    …And a COUNTRY song, of course…

  8. johnnyj Says:

  9. johnnyj Says:

    Eeew, and a ROCK song, of course:

  10. johnnyj Says:

    …Throw this in the KFIL party mix, ‘totally’ makes me wanna do a beer bong:

  11. loveananna Says:

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