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February 18, 2013

jwebb 007

What you see above is the second piece of NFL memorabilia I have ever owned.  The first piece is a signed photo of my boyhood idol, Roger Staubach.  It is a real autograph, but of course it is hard to say if he really signed it.  I will never forget when I got that photo – I had written an old fashioned fan letter to Roger and this photo showed up one day.  My parents gave it to me after a basketball game.  I remember it like it was yesterday.

But enough of that, on to this.  What you see above is a card I received in the mail from none other than J’Marcus Webb, offensive lineman for the Chicago Bears.  There is a temporary “WebbNation” tattoo enclosed, and you can see that it is signed by CG.  CG is short for “camera girl” and is Webb’s girlfriend – not sure if they live together or not.  You can see Webb’s signature on the lower right of the card.  Haray Caray’s is a restaurant in Chicago.  I have no idea when I am supposed to go there – I am guessing that WebbNation will announce a party of some sort next season and that this might be my invitation.

While I didn’t get the pitter patters in my chest like the day I received the Staubach picture, it made me think about a lot of things.  Since it is the off-season, and there isn’t much going on in the sports world besides legless olympic media darlings shooting their girlfriends, I thought I would share a few thoughts on how and why this card landed at my mailbox in rural Wisconsin and what it possibly all means.

Astro got me started on J’Marcus a few months ago as we were discussing trolling people.  He suggested I look at J’Marcus’s Twitter feed and it was pretty funny.  He talks a LOT about food.  He loves McDonalds.  I ended up “liking” him on Facebook and following him with a side eye.

I am guilty as the next guy in skewering J’Marcus for poor play in the past – some well deserved, perhaps some, not so much.  But in the end, what the hell do I know about playing o-line in the NFL?  Next to nothing.  Sure I can armchair it but all I really see are the sacks given up, and/or missed blocks.  But are they missed blocks?  Did he really stick his blocking assignment?  What were the blocking assignments on any given play?  Nobody really knows but the coaches and players on that given day.  Note that I am NOT making excuses for J’Marcus on things he may have fucked up on.  Trust me, there were a few of those.  But really, how would I know unless it was a clear one on one situation?  This goes for the criticism I level on any player, whether hated or loved.  In the end, I know ZERO about playing football and the x’s and o’s end of it.  As do 99.9999999999% of people who watch the NFL or major college football.

Rather than talking about his football, J’Marcus talks about his life, at least during this off season.  As mentioned earlier, he talks a lot about food.  He is also sorting a lot of things out.  He is a 24 year old.  I remember what I was doing when it was 24, and it wasn’t very productive.

Webb is a good person.  He immediately takes down foul language from his twitter feed, stating that he understands that he has a lot of kids and families that frequent his sites.  He also says he respects women.

While I can’t verify much of any of J’Marcus’s personal things, by all outward appearances he appears to be a genuinely nice guy and is light years ahead of most of the thugs that reside in the professional sports world.  Webb also likes to make appearances and to do things for charity from what I can tell.

He has spoken of women a few times – he says he is dedicated to “camera girl” but also mentions doing other things too (I am assuming dates) and the like.  As I mentioned, he is 24, and having fun.

So why did I get the card?  He put up a post on facebook that questioned why athletes crash and burn.  I replied that he had the greatest opportunity ever.  Don’t get a stupid posse, don’t impregnate a girl until you are ready to have a family, and some other basic advice.  He liked the comment and asked me to send him my address and he sent the card.

So from outward appearances, Webb seems to be doing what is right, and not acting the thug.  Which puts him above 99% of pro athletes.  He loves him mom and grandma.  Even if he isn’t the best lineman in the league, or on the team, that is good enough for me.







February 9, 2013

Well, we are now in the “doldrums” as I call it. The time between the end of the football season and the beginning of the next one. Sure, there is baseball, lawn fairies, and cycling – but you know. It still sucks.

Still, the Spring Classics always get me fired up and start in just over a month, and we have the Tour of Qatar and the Tour Down Under to keep us busy as well. We will see if that doper Tom Boonen can defend his classics from last year vs. the next great doper. This was easily the greatest finish of last year in the classics as the home town hero Tom Boonen won the Tour of Flanders (Ronde van Vlaanderen) and the crowd went wild.

I will put up a new thread as conditions need.


February 1, 2013

Well gents, here is a fresh thread for you. I am putting some $$ on the niners minus the points, as well as some insanely bad prop bets, which virtually assures a Baltimore victory. Craps will also be heavily featured over the weekend. Heading out to Reno with Hot Carl and a couple of his buds. Fun will be had. We might even try to stay up late enough to see the night club at the hotel open. Might be a challenge for us old men, though.

I am out of here this morning bright and early, so if someone wants, go ahead and set up a new thread for the Super Bowl. See ya ’round.