Thursday Night Football


It starts tonight!

The big game has Tulane opening up with Jackson State.
Norf Carolina vs. Souf Carolina
Indiana State at Indiana
UNLoVed at Minnesota
Tulsa at Bowling Green (I will probably watch this one on the U)
Ole Miss at Vandy
USuC at Hawaii – Big Kahuna Burger!
Utah State at Utah
Rutgers at Fresno


133 Responses to “Thursday Night Football”

  1. astro Says:

    Green Wave are 25 point favorites! Better not blow this one. I wont be home until after the 1st quarter, but I doubt I could find a stream of this game anyway.

  2. dfm Says:

    rr check your goddamned email – just seeing if you are coming to Chicago for the Illinois vs. Washington game, Hot Carl is allocating tickets and just getting a head count at this point.

  3. dfm Says:

    Finally foosballs!!!

  4. dfm Says:

    7-0 cocks already.

  5. dfm Says:

    Jesus 17-0 cocks. Time to move on to another game.

  6. dfm Says:

    Oh what the hell, I guess I will watch some of UNLV vs. the golden chokers.

  7. dfm Says:

    Hah unlv goes for it from their own 45 and makes it. No respect for Minnesota and rightly so.

  8. dfm Says:

    Lol td rebs!!!

  9. astro Says:

    Found a Tulane stream, up 3-0 at the moment:

  10. astro Says:

    Tulane wearing all black uniforms this year. Helmet is still white, tho.

  11. dfm Says:

    Minnesota having all kinds of problems with the rebs lol.

  12. astro Says:

    TD ORLEANS DARKWA! The race for the Heisman is on!

  13. dfm Says:

    Minnesota with a nice drive before halftime, 16-13 Gophers since they of course skanked the pat.

  14. astro Says:

    Pick Tulane! Looking good so far!

    Granted Jax St is a AA team, but it is still nice to see our D line dominating so much.

  15. astro Says:

    This stream is pretty cool. It has the radio announcers, and also the feed of the spotters giving them info.

    Nick Montana fumbles, but recovers it. FG for Santos, and Tulane is up 13-0.

  16. astro Says:

    The front four on our D line outweighs last years by about 200 lbs. CJ is doing awesome work in recruiting and JUCO guys.

  17. astro Says:

    Holy shit this new crown of the helmet rule is bullshit. Looked like a nice tackle, but our starting safety just got ejected. Bullshit.

    • astro Says:

      Haha the announcers just realized Doss got ejected and are going nuts during the timeout. I guess they forgot they are on hot mic.

    • dfm Says:

      That does suck. A dude just got a penalty in the mormon battle because the opponent knocked his helmet off and he kept playing. Pussification much? Should he just lay down?

  18. astro Says:

    Fumble, Wave gets the ball back. Still pissed our FS got ejected that was a bullshit call on a bullshit rule.

    • astro Says:

      Jesus they just replayed the ejection hit. It was shoulder to shoulder, helmets never even touched incidentally.

  19. dfm Says:

    BGSU up on Tulsa 6-0 at half. Surprising score there. Love the MAC “since 1946”.

  20. astro Says:

    During the break our announcers were talking about the Saints WR Nick Toon being knocked out for the season. What a shame, he was looking good.

  21. astro Says:

    We just got a holding call in the endzone. Should have been a safety, but refs called half the distance instead. Refs are complete idiots tonight, we must have got the Z-team for this game.

  22. astro Says:

    Nick Montana not looking good so far. 1 for 5 and a fumble. His one completion was a 50 yd bomb at least.

  23. dfm Says:

    Bgsu big reverse, nice play.

  24. dfm Says:

    Td falcons!

  25. dfm Says:

    Oh by the way that Enderle photo is on the way to Madison. Beat him up from $45 down to $7.50.

  26. astro Says:

    Haven’t seen any news on Nick Toon. Wonder if our guys just got bad info?

  27. astro Says:

    Montana needs to calm down. Just missed a swing pass by about ten yards.

    But scrambled for a first next play, at least.

  28. astro Says:

    TD Montana to Justyn Shackleford. Sweet fade pass there!

  29. astro Says:

    Damn, this is just shameful:

  30. astro Says:

    Why are the footballs orange? Is it just this game, or everywhere?

  31. astro Says:

    HAHA Tulane forces another fumble on the goalline! That’s 4 turnovers so far and still a shutout.

  32. astro Says:

    Halftime, Tulane up 20-0. Still pissed about that ejection. Four turnovers is nice, tho.

  33. astro Says:

    At least we have a Times-Pic guy covering the game:

    Last year they just ignored us for the most part.

  34. astro Says:

    Jax State’s marching band rules. They are just killing it out there, like it is the national championship or something.

    • astro Says:

      This is really awesome. Dance team killing it while the band rocks out. More fun to watch than the game.

    • astro Says:

      Umbrella girls instead of flag girls. That was a hell of a show. They showed the whole thing on stream with no commentary, that was nice.

    • astro Says:

      Now the Tulane marching band. Weak compared to Jax State. At least we have a band now, we didn’t back when I was there.

  35. astro Says:

    Crowd looks a lot better in the camera shots now. Maybe 10-15 K.

  36. dfm Says:

    Yea! Bgsu putting it to Tulsa 20-0.

  37. astro Says:

    New QB for Tulane after halftime, Sophomore Devin Powell. Interesting…

  38. dfm Says:

    Alright hitting it. Gonna watch some of the fresno game in bed.

  39. astro Says:

    Apparently Nick Toon was a shoulder injury, no further info so far.

  40. astro Says:

    Ouch, Jax St QB broken leg. Really nasty break, camera went to blank screen.

  41. astro Says:

    Not many fans, but at least we’ve got Joe Cool in the Dome tonight!

  42. astro Says:

    Another pick for the Tulane D. QB was about to get crushed and just threw up a prayer.

  43. astro Says:

    Nick Montana back in, and nearly throws a pick. Calm down, bro.

  44. astro Says:

    Here’s a good shot of the new Tulane uniforms as Orleans Darkwa scores his first TD:

    Annnd, as I post Orleans scores his second TD of the night. Tulane up 27-0. Finally covering the spread, we’ll see if it lasts.

  45. astro Says:

    Nick Montana has got some wheels.

  46. astro Says:

    Holy shit our long snapper has fucked up three in a row. Our punter and holder have made amazing recoveries, but this will cost us games if it doesn’t get fixed.

  47. astro Says:

    And a Jax State lineman gets ejected for throwing a punch. Didn’t see it, but the Ref was PISSED!

  48. astro Says:

    Our freshman reggae LB is having himself a nice game. Nico Marley – Bob Marley’s grandson.

    Testing image posting:

  49. astro Says:


    I’m still guessing 10 to 15 K by halftime, but still pretty weaksauce.

    • astro Says:

      Another lol, I like this reporter:

  50. astro Says:

    TD Devon Breaux! Went up and got it on a jump ball! He’s a freshman with insane speed and apparently insane hops as well. That was just his second touch – first was a 30 yd kick return. CJ is an awesome recruiter.

    Wave up 34-0.

  51. astro Says:

    Tulane has nearly all freshman out on the field now with 8:00 to go.

  52. astro Says:

    No shutout for the Wave – the freshmen allow a TD. 34-7.

  53. astro Says:

    Sean Payton thinks Nick Toon is going to be okay. Sent him to the locker room because he was spitting blood and worried about chest injury, but should be okay. DFM, tell your buddy Al to relax.

  54. astro Says:

    Another pick for the Wave! Freshman Jerrod Franklin on his first action of the night. That should do it for tonight.

  55. astro Says:

    Game over, Tulane wins 34-7. Didn’t get the shutout but covered the spread. Sloppy game, but no injuries for us so a good game. Lots to work on before the next one.

    Nick Montana had a shaky start – 2 TDs, but only 6/14 for 144 yards. No picks, tho – he is very careful about throwing it away, and picked up a couple of 1st downs with his feet. Hopefully this was just first game jitters and he settles down for the next one.

    Feel bad for the Jax State QB, that was a brutal injury. Season gone after just the first game. What a shame.

  56. astro Says:

    Vandy looking strong against the Rebs, up 28-17 in the 3rd.

  57. astro Says:

    Starting my replay of Bears/Browns. May have to finish this one tomorrow.

    First note: Long, Mills, and Bostic will not play. Congrats, rooks, you made it. See you when Cincy rolls into town. Nice call by Trestman.

  58. astro Says:

    First play is a 45 yd busted coverage, lol. Gonna be an ugly game. Hardin made the tackle at least, not his fault I think he was just covering deep.

  59. astro Says:

    Special Teamer Blake Costanzo with a run blitz to blow up the next play. This is definitely scrub football at its finest.

  60. astro Says:

    Play 3: UDFA Hurst with a pick. More fine scrub football. I think I’m just going to watch JWebb from now on. Not much else to see unless some scrub makes a highlight reel play.

  61. astro Says:

    JWebb starts at RT. Wow. I am flabbergasted.

    In a battle of the scrubs, when you’ve been demoted to fight for swing and lining up with the 2s at LT for the last 2 games – and now lose that job to Cory Brandon – ouch.

    I don’t think Jon Scott’s knee is even a factor now – the Bears just don’t trust Webb on that line. Wow.

  62. astro Says:

    And JWebb whiffs a block and gets Armondo Allen cut down in the backfield. Jesus Christ.

    Even if you have no pride in yourself, fight for your teammates! Allen is in a fight for his roster life with Ford. You just shat on his face. You let the DE run around you and catch him in the backfield.

  63. astro Says:

    Guard Derek Dennis makes it up to Allen and blasts a nice hole for him to run through for an 18 yard gain. Dennis won’t make the team, but at least he is trying.

  64. astro Says:

    Palmer hits TT. I don’t think Tolliver will make the team, but I don’t think he’s dropped a pass yet. Is he practice squad eligible? He’s as big as Onionbun and actually has hands. Teach that guy to block and he could make a nice TE. He’s been killing it on special teams all preseason as well.

  65. astro Says:

    False start, JWebb.

    I don’t have the words right now.

  66. astro Says:

    Onionbun catches a pass! Onionbun catches a pass! 6 yards on a third and ten, but we’re making progress here. Onionbun catches a pass!

    First one this preseason.

  67. astro Says:

    Robbie Gould splits the uprights from 52.

  68. astro Says:

    It’s now 3 am. I’m glad I’ve got tomorrow off. I’m not tired yet, time to crack another beer.

    I am very pleased that we can now post images in the comments – this has made my day.

  69. astro Says:

    I’ve been watching Khaseem Green. Even though the scrubs are playing, they are keeping him at the WLB (Briggs) spot and letting Costanzo handle the mike.

    He won’t be a utility player this year, I think. He’s gonna be special teams only and learn that Will spot. Knowing Briggs, he might never make it before his rookie contract runs out lol. He’ll make a good backup if needed, though, he’s shown he can bring the wood.

  70. astro Says:

    Minter with a nice rush. He’s an UDFA who’s earned a spot at DT. He won’t get cut.

  71. astro Says:

    Ford takes his first carry for 12. He’s clearly beaten out Allen for the #3 RB.

    When Allen goes, though, he better take Webb with him.

  72. astro Says:

    Palmer has a strong arm, but worse accuracy than Hanie.

  73. astro Says:

    Ford plows a screen for a 1st. Last three yards were all him.

  74. astro Says:

    Palmer nice quick pass. First time he’s had to snap one.

  75. astro Says:

    Holding, Onionbun…

  76. astro Says:


    Nice grab in traffic, looked like Earl on that one. Need him to show up.

  77. astro Says:

    TT with another catch. Keeps catching balls.

  78. astro Says:

    And Joe Anderson again. Another Earl pattern.

  79. astro Says:

    Nifty run by Allen. Webb made the hole initially and then sat back and watched. SMH, that could have been a TD.

  80. astro Says:


    Stared him down just like Cutty to Marshall. Nice toss and catch.

  81. astro Says:

    Still not seeing anything from Hardin. He’s getting cut, waste of a 3rd round pick.

  82. astro Says:

    HAHA Palmer to Joe Anderson again! 37 yds this time. Good to see Joe healthy again and showing up. Weems is nervous.

  83. astro Says:

    Onionbun with a catch! Onionbun with a catch!

    3 yds on 3rd and 11, but he caught it at least. Small steps.

  84. astro Says:

    Kellen Davis catches a ball. Onionbun finds religion.

  85. astro Says:

    Onionbun embarrassing block attempt. I think there was an attempt, but hard to tell by that effort.

  86. astro Says:

    And an Onionbun drop that would have been a 1st.

    Welcome back to the team, Kyle Adams! You might not have had a pass tossed your way lately, but you just won by default.

  87. dfm Says:

    This is good work, Astro. We can post images now? Let me test…

  88. dfm Says:

    Yo, Packers...

  89. dfm Says:

    Uploaded with

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