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Thursday Night Football

October 31, 2013

Big Halloween night lineup this evening!
Souf Florida at Houston
Rice at Norf Texas
ULM at Troy
Sparky at Wazzu

Bungholes at Dolphins


NFL Week 8

October 27, 2013

Bears with a well deserved week off. Chickens at the Rams on Monday night. Browns at the Chefs – Luther gets the start!

Saturday Football Update

October 26, 2013

Alright, here we go with another weekend of action.

The Beloved haven’t won a conference football game in 748 days. This doesn’t look like it will end today against Sparty.
Vandy at Johnny Foosballs
Eastern Michigan at (No. 18!) Northern Illinois. Hoping NIU runs the table again and busts into the BCS like last year. Their qb Jordan Lynch is fantastic to watch.
Tulsa at Tulane – the Wave continue their march toward the national title!
The VANDALS are at Ole Miss.
No. 17 Fresno at San Dog
Showers at Wershington.

Friday Night Football

October 25, 2013

Boise at BYU.

Thursday Night Football

October 24, 2013

Not sure what rr is doing up there on the masthead, but knock your socks off. On with the show.

KY jelly at Miss State. Those dumb cowbells. Talk about a game cursed to mute.
Marshall at MTSU.

Carolina at Tampa Bay.

NFL Week 7

October 20, 2013

Bears at Redskins, Browns at Packers. I will watch lots of bof games, hopefully.

Saturday Football Update

October 19, 2013

I am Mr. Mom this weekend, so likely won’t have a ton of time to chime in. Here we go with today’s action:

The beloved host bucky tonight. I will probably watch some of this. 10.5 dogs at home. Times are tough. We haven’t won a conference game in over two years and we likely won’t break that streak tonight.

A resurgent Auburn team at Johnny Foosballs.

Wershington at the Kitty Katz.

UNLV at (no. 17!) Fresno.

The Wave get a well deserved weekend off.

USC at ND – the optimal outcome to this game is a meteor, but absent that, I will take Trojanus Maximus.

Thursday Night Football

October 17, 2013

Miami at Norf Carolina, and the Chickens play the Cardinals.

NFL Week 6

October 13, 2013

Lions at Browns, Titanicus Maximus at Seatown. No homecoming for you, Jake with that screwed up hip of yours.

Saturday Football Update

October 12, 2013

So Gameday in Seatown for the Duck game! Hope to see that sign that rr made on the Deadspin gameday sign roundup! More importantly, hope the Huskieys can beat the quack attack.




The Beloved with a well deserved weekend off. It has been 734 days since we have won a conference game.
Oklahomo at Tejas – A huge rivalry game but Tejas is down this year so we shall see what happens.
Western Carolina at Auburn – sheesh I thought the preseason was done!
East Carolina at Tulane – the WAVE is working hard on going bowling! I pounded enough booze for three men and a small child last week to bring home the victory, so someone else has to chip in this week.
VANDALS at Arkansas State
Johnny Foosballs at Ole Miss

And much more!

Hopefully we will see Joe Montana’s potty mouthed wife cuss a bunch again during the game.