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Saturday Football Update

November 30, 2013

Rivalry weekend continues…
Illinois vs. Northwestern for the Hat. I don’t like these new politically correct trophies. We used to play for the Sweet Sioux Tomahawk, but you know how it goes with Injun stuff. But I will admit, they did a very nice job with this new trophy:
Northwestern favored by 3 at Illinois.
The Game – tOSU vs. Michgan
Florida vs. FSU – I wonder if Muschamp’s job is on the line.
The WAVE at Rice – Rice is an 11 point favorite, but they can SUCK IT.
Iron Bowl – ‘Bama at Auburn in what is obviously this years game of the century. Bama is a stout 10.5 point favorite.
Johnny Foosballs at Mizzou
and a TON of other rivalry games.

Turkey sammiches again? I think so.


Friday Football

November 29, 2013

Wow a slew of games today on this, rivalry weekend.

Arkansas and LSU play for the Boot.
Fresno vs. San Jose State – GO BULLDOGS
Civil War! With Oregon vs. Oregon State
and a bunch of other games…
…but most importantly…
Wershington tries to fix what was one of the worst chokes of all time last year. But this time they have them in Seatown, and are 14.5 point favorites so I think they will get the job done.

Enjoy those turkey sammiches!

Thanksgiving Football

November 28, 2013

Tejas Tech at Tejas
Ole Miss at Miss. State (Egg Bowl)

Pack at Lions
Raiders at Cowboys
Steelers at Ravens

I am thankful for my buddies at kfil!

NFL Week 12

November 24, 2013

Bears at Rams, Steelers at Browns, Chickens with a well deserved week off.

Saturday Football Update

November 23, 2013

Well, time to start separating the men from the boys. It is fuckin’ cccccold here so we might see some good arctic highlights from the Great Midwest today. There are a bunch of dumb cupcake games today, but some good action as well. Here we go:

Illinois now owns the longest losing streak in the nation in conference games. Our only hope of breaking it is today against Purdon’t, and we are actually 7 point favorites, at Purdue! Which shows you how bad they are. I think either way that Beckman gets canned after this year. The coaches shouting at each other last week on the sidelines added a nice touch to the loss.

VANDALS at Florida State. Oh my God. A nice payday for Idaho, but I hope too many of their guys don’t get crippled. The line is FSU -57 for those interested.

Johnny Foosballs at LSU.

Tulane continues the march to their seventh consecutive national championship, hosting UTEP today. Honestly, I think the way the Wave shit the bed the last couple of weeks has put a dent in their bowl hopes, but Astro can help out with clearing that up. Vegas says Tulane by 16.5. Hey, I just want to see Montana’s foul mouthed wife do her thang.

New Mexico at Fresno. We need the Bulldogs and NIU to continue to win out and have the BCS shit the bed one last and final time.

Wershington at Beaver Meat.

Wissonsin at Minnesota – a great trophy game, playing for Paul Bunyan’s axe, which Wisco has won the last nine years and they will make it ten today. But a couple of wrinkles – it is going to be punishingly cold up there today, with a high of 23 and some wind. Minnesota has had a great year (for them) and they are playing for their coach Jerry Kill, who has a seizure every other minute so there is always that dynamic. It has been a pretty inspiring year. I have been watching this line – it opened up at Badgers -14, then immediately went to 15.5, where it settled for a few days until I looked this morning and it is up to 17. Someone (or some people) has plowed a LOT of money into the Badger side for a line move like that.

Friday Night Football

November 22, 2013

Middies at San Jose St.

Thursday Night Football

November 21, 2013

My Huskies won another one last night, and it is starting to look like either them or Fresno or both might crash the BCS this year, which would be a fitting end to a dysfunctional system. Tonight’s action:
Rutgers at UCF
Rice at UAB
UNLV at Air Force

Pro: Aints at Falcons. The line on this one opened up at Aints -7 and has moved up to -10. That is a ton of money flowing into New Orleans.

NFL Week 11

November 17, 2013

Bears host the Ravens, Chickens host the Queens. Browns at Bungholes.

Saturday Football Update

November 16, 2013

tOSU at the Beloved. Oh man. Vegas says tOSU -32.5. I would think that Urbs will run it up more than that on the hapless Illini.
That’s pretty much it! Wershington already played, and the Wave, Johnny Foosballs and the VANDALS are all off. But there are many more games to be had today if you desire.

Friday Night Football

November 15, 2013

Wershington at fUCLA!