Bowl Pickem and New Thread


New Thread for the big game tonight. Also, the new bowl pool is active, although the games aren’t loaded up there yet. You can register here. Group number 5277, password suckit. As usual, sixer or equivalent is the price, winner take all.


28 Responses to “Bowl Pickem and New Thread”

  1. dfm Says:

    I can’t wait to see that field tonight. I am sure it will be a total joke.

  2. dfm Says:

    Suck it Dallas I am boozing hard and am goig to bring this shit home. Hot Carl is there freezing his ass off.

  3. dfm Says:

    Ooh Gronk acl and mcl. Double play.

  4. dfm Says:

    Lynch gets a ticket to new york!

  5. dfm Says:

    Gruden what a blockhead. Radio feed.

  6. dfm Says:

    Perfect start for our awesome run d.

  7. dfm Says:

    Fuck this defense. We suck.

  8. dfm Says:

    Save us Clown!

  9. dfm Says:

    Black Unicorn right off the bat.

  10. dfm Says:

    LASER to alshon.

  11. dfm Says:

    Clown chucking the rock tonight!

  12. dfm Says:

    Shit forte looked hurt.

  13. dfm Says:

    Earl! Clown for mvp!

  14. dfm Says:

    Boon mcmanis.

  15. dfm Says:

    Oh my god this run d.

  16. dfm Says:

    Anderson on the sack!

  17. dfm Says:

    Clown audibles into a 20 yard pass to bmarsh. Amazing.

  18. dfm Says:

    Damn Jeffries reverse. Maybe time to bury that one for a few games.

  19. dfm Says:


  20. dfm Says:

    Ooh honey badger with acl and lcl double play.

  21. dfm Says:

    Bmarsh with the decleater!

  22. dfm Says:

    Clown holy shit!!!!

  23. astro Says:

    Lol McCown, Nice run.

  24. dfm Says:

    This fucking d.

  25. astro Says:


  26. astro Says:

    McCaskey squawks like a chicken. I couldn’t understand a word.

  27. dfm Says:

    Clown with 5 td’s, the most by a Bear qb since Johnny Lujack in 1949. Amazing what a little coaching can do.

    Also, the bowls are up and running at the pool now.

  28. Sk8 Says:

    Here is your boy Mclown:

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