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New Thread

January 20, 2014

For your listening and video pleasure.



Championship Sunday

January 19, 2014

Niners at Chickens, Pats at Denver. Big day for our boys from the pnw!




Fuckin’ Julius

January 13, 2014

From yesterday’s game, crybaby Manning cussing one of his teammates:

You all remember God Dammit Donald, right?

And Astro put up that crybaby video of Manning trashing his O line yesterday. Imagine what an ass Manning is behind the scenes. I hate him, I hate the media lovefest around him and all the rest. So I hope he loses either to the Patriots or the Niners in this years Super Bowl. But if not, that is probably OK too, because if he wins it will be a huge media circle jerk until Manning gets busted for tax evasion, pot, or whatever the athlete guilty pleasure du jour is.

Divisional Playoff Sunday

January 12, 2014

49ers at Carolina, San Dog at Denver.

Divisional Playoff Saturday

January 11, 2014

Aints at Chickens, Indy at New England.

Bowl 35

January 6, 2014

All the marbles tonight with Florida State vs. the Whargles.

Bowl 34 and Wild Card Sunday

January 5, 2014

GoDaddy Bowl – Arkansas State vs. Ball State

NFC – 49ers at Slack. Forecast game time temp last I saw was -8, with wind chills around -30. That would make it the second coldest NFL game ever, to the Ice Bowl at -13. BUT this game will be going on well after sun down, and after that happens, the mercury may get lower than -13. Just want you all to know that it is insanely cold here, and the high for Monday (the high) will be -10 here in Madison. Wind chills around -50. Pretty much you will start to get frostbite to any exposed skin in less than 5 minutes, and be frozen solid in less than 15. All schools are closed. Fun stuff.

AFC – Chargers at Bungholes.

Bowl 33 and Wild Card Saturday

January 4, 2014

After last night, Gatherumup is the only one with a chance to catch sk8 in the pool.

Compass Bowl – Vandy vs. Houston

NFC Wildcard – Aints at Eagles
AFC Wildcard – Chefs at Indy

Bowls 31 and 32

January 3, 2014

Cotton Bowl – Oklahomo State vs. Misery

Orange Bowl – Clemson vs. tOSU

Everyone is still in the bowl pool, and I suspect as we start closing in on these last few games that some changes will be made.

Bowl 30

January 2, 2014

Sugar Bowl – Alabama vs. Oklahomo