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65 Responses to “New Thread”

  1. dfm Says:

    I will start it off with a COUNTRY song:

  2. Sk8 Says:


  3. Sk8 Says:

    Lickey tears, so sweet:

  4. johnnyj Says:


  5. johnnyj Says:

    …Had to be done:

  6. johnnyj Says:

    If you mention Sherman I will endorse you not…

    (Hey Gents, how many kids are gonna be named Sherman that play for Steve Sarkisian!? Or an SEC team?)…

  7. johnnyj Says:

    And a Cuntry song, of course. Sorry boys, I’m really into this broad these days, of course:

  8. johnnyj Says:

  9. dfm Says:

    rr’s hero Pete Carroll – I don’t think Beef Moe is listening:

    • astro Says:

      Pete Carrol is such a tool. Beef Moe is alright with me, though.

      • johnnyj Says:


        • johnnyj Says:

          In all honesty, that’s just a coach doing his job. I hate to admit that Carrol handles it well…

          With that said, Pete Carrol is such a tool and Beef Moe is alright with me when he listens to the coach…

          I think it comes down to: “Leave me the fuck alone coach, I know what I’m doing.”

  10. astro Says:

    Tryin to break RR out of his rut here

  11. Sk8 Says:

    Or this!

  12. dfm Says:

  13. astro Says:

    My fave

  14. astro Says:

    Or maybe this is my fave, I can’t decide.

    This was probably her best song, when she was at her lowest but still somewhat lucid.

  15. astro Says:

    Closing the loop with a song from better days

  16. johnnyj Says:

    “Beef Moe” rocked this out while avoiding “Godell” NFL ‘fines’ and attending bullshit media day:

  17. johnnyj Says:

    …I guess this is SEATOWN music representin’ these days…I’m just an old grunge guy…

  18. johnnyj Says:

  19. johnnyj Says:

    …And a country song, of course:

  20. dfm Says:

    I’m headed out to Reno to get stupid with Hot Carl and some other guys. I have a Super Bowl post in the can. Betting on the chickens! Laterz!

    • Sk8 Says:

      Have fun DFM!

      • Sk8 Says:

        You’ll take my life but I’ll take yours too
        You’ll fire your musket but I’ll run you through
        So when you’re waiting for the next attack
        You’d better stand there’s no turning back.

        The Bugle sounds and the charge begins
        But on this battlefield no one wins
        The smell of acrid smoke and horses breath
        As I plunge on into certain death.

        The horse he sweats with fear we break to run
        The mighty roar of the Russian guns
        And as we race towards the human wall
        The screams of pain as my comrades fall.

        We hurdle bodies that lay on the ground
        And the Russians fire another round
        We get so near yet so far away
        We won’t live to fight another day.

        We get so close near enough to fight
        When a Russian gets me in his sights
        He pulls the trigger and I feel the blow
        A burst of rounds take my horse below.

        And as I lay there gazing at the sky
        My body’s numb and my throat is dry
        And as I lay forgotten and alone
        Without a tear I draw my parting groan.

  21. Sk8 Says:

  22. Sk8 Says:

    Astro has to like this chick:

  23. Sk8 Says:

  24. Sk8 Says:

    This one is way cool, EA-6B Prowler:

  25. Sk8 Says:

    o course, there is this:

  26. Sk8 Says:

    Amember this one?

  27. Sk8 Says:

  28. Sk8 Says:

  29. Sk8 Says:

    I fucking love this song!

  30. Sk8 Says:

    That Girl:

  31. Dan from Madison Says:

    Shitton of seatown fanz here. Not so much Denver. Denver can suck it! Hit 4 for 4 on my nba bets today but craps kicked my arse. Time to gussy up and hit da club yo.

  32. Dan from Madison Says:

    Betting on the WAVE today. Hoops, but what the hell.

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