Well, that was another fun season here at good ol kfil. We have our winners and losers. But now, we head into the “doldrums”. I will put up a random new thread post once in a while and of course one for the draft.

Outside of that, see you jokers on the flip.



31 Responses to “Crickets”

  1. johnnyj Says:

  2. Sk8 Says:

    RR, this blows:

  3. Dan from Madison Says:

    Jmac showing her tits to the cops yet she hesitates at my advances. So it is all about money, eh? I have money.

  4. johnnyj Says:

    …And a Country song, of Course…

  5. johnnyj Says:

  6. johnnyj Says:

  7. dfm Says:

    sk8 – here is my descent of the Chioula if you haven’t seen it – I ripped this one:

  8. johnnyj Says:

    Wooo +1 Badass! Tighten those edges boy! Jesus Christmas the oncoming traffic makes things fun…

  9. johnnyj Says:

    …and a country song, of course:

  10. johnnyj Says:

    Meh, had to be done,..

  11. dfm Says:

  12. astro Says:

  13. johnnyj Says:

    Uhhg, this has “OH FUCK!” written all-over it:

  14. johnnyj Says:

    …On a brighter side; worth watching:

  15. dfm Says:

    Haha it is that time of year when teams that really want guys in the draft start trashing them publicly or underplaying the pro days and/or call them lazy. Does anyone really believe this bullshit anymore?

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