NFL Week 2



Bears at 49ers, and the chickens are at the Chargers. JMF vs. the Aints.


140 Responses to “NFL Week 2”

  1. johnnyj Says:

  2. astro Says:

    Ouch, RGIII dislocated ankle, likely done for the year. Good thing they didn’t trade away Cousins this offseason.

  3. astro Says:

    Half the Redskins starters are out and they are still destroying the Jags. Time to give up on Henne and raise their Bortles!

  4. astro Says:

    Lol #sameoldlions is trending on twitter.

  5. astro Says:

    Haha holy shit Browns.

  6. Sk8 Says:

    I remember why I hate Rivers again….

    Go Hawks!

  7. astro Says:

    Jets whooping the packers early in Lambeau. Quietest I’ve heard that place.

    Gonna be an NFC North massacre this weekend, looks like.

  8. Dan from Madison Says:

    Jmf bitches!

  9. Dan from Madison Says:

    Sitting here in Atlanta I have the Broncos chiefs and chickens chargers. The Broncos game is a total abortion wrt the refs and must be a rigged game. Very blatant. Rivers, although an asshole of the first degree, is an excellent qb.

  10. Dan from Madison Says:

    Packers pull ahead. Fully expected the jests to melt down.

  11. Dan from Madison Says:

    Crybaby manning screaming at his receiver. That will be on all the highlight shows. What an asshole.

  12. astro Says:

    Oh wow Larry Mayer says both Ashton and Brandon are active tonight. Bears might have a chance.

  13. astro Says:

    ROBBERTS is getting beat up by the Jets tonight. He’ll feel this game for a while.

  14. astro Says:

    Sherrick McManis is a captain for the Bears tonight. I like Trest’s new system, instead of just trotting the highest-paid players out there every game.

  15. Dan from Madison Says:

    The chefs just shit the bed in Denver
    Damm that game was completely fixed.

  16. astro Says:

    AA suggests Brandon will be full-up tonight:

  17. Dan from Madison Says:

    Chiefs with an unbelievable amount of fail!!!

  18. Dan from Madison Says:

    Excellent I get the end of the jests peckers.

  19. astro Says:

    DFM, you found a liquor store there in Atlanta? Bears are going to need your help tonight.

  20. astro Says:

    Dan, please leave JWebb alone:

  21. Dan from Madison Says:

    Dumbass jets.

  22. astro Says:

    Time to get ready:

  23. Dan from Madison Says:

    Holy shit a friend of mine at the game caught a GOLD extra pointer in warm ups and she gets to keep it!

  24. astro Says:

    I still miss Faith.

  25. astro Says:

    This game is going to take everything you’ve got. Ready, set, go!

  26. astro Says:

    Poor timing on the RG3 subway commercial.

  27. astro Says:

    Lol Trest looking even more like a creepy pedophile tonight. I know it is the national anthem, but put on the hat, for goodness sake.

  28. astro Says:

    Good Lord. Learn to take a knee. This is embarrassing.

  29. astro Says:


  30. Dan from Madison Says:

    Great start!

  31. Dan from Madison Says:

    Great defense!

  32. astro Says:

  33. astro Says:

    Sanantonio Miller Lite!

  34. astro Says:

    Time for another blocked punt…

  35. astro Says:


  36. Dan from Madison Says:


  37. astro Says:

    At least got the flag after all that.

  38. astro Says:

    Jesus out of control on the blitz. At least the flag saved it.

  39. astro Says:

    This one down will never end.

  40. Dan from Madison Says:

    Jesus at this pace it will take 6 hrs to play this game.

  41. Dan from Madison Says:

    Hey! We are getting a little pressure on kaep!

  42. astro Says:

    Shea is actually containing the edge really well, despite his size.

  43. astro Says:

    Jared Allen still dirty

  44. Dan from Madison Says:

    Good deal on the cheap shot Allen.

  45. astro Says:

    Most insulting graphic ever. Holy shit

  46. astro Says:

    Harbs looking like he’s getting a prostate exam on the sideline

  47. astro Says:

    Virginia McCaskey with the transition lenses lol

  48. astro Says:

    Starting the drive at the 45. Give Forte the rock and get some points!

  49. Dan from Madison Says:

    Fight! Fight! Fight!

  50. astro Says:

    Forte Miller Lite!

  51. Dan from Madison Says:

    Miller lite!

  52. astro Says:

    BLACK UNICORN! Great catch!

  53. Dan from Madison Says:

    Black unicorn!

  54. Dan from Madison Says:


  55. Dan from Madison Says:

    This return game. The niners just flipped the field 80 fucking yards.

  56. Dan from Madison Says:

    Fuck this. I have business tomorrow and don’t need to lose any sleep. We will try again next week against the jests. Later the stro.

  57. astro Says:



  58. astro Says:

    Jesus that is just horrible defense, even if it got called back.
    Refs missed the horsecollar at the end as well. They both suck and blow.

  59. astro Says:

    FUMBLE! Jared Allen does something!

  60. astro Says:

    Jesus, now Conte is heading to the locker room. He was having a good game, I feel for that guy.

  61. astro Says:

    And fumbled snap back to the 5. Just punt on 2nd down, nothing good can happen here.

  62. astro Says:

    Sherrick McManis out as well. Too many injuries in a losing cause.

  63. astro Says:

    Another good play by Shea.

  64. astro Says:

    TD 9ers, the blowout is on.

  65. astro Says:


    Needed that TD. Can’t believe Cutty is still out there, I’d be on a stretcher.

  66. astro Says:

    Hell of a drive there. No run game, and Cutty and B just toughing it out.

  67. astro Says:

    BMarsh just being incredible:

  68. astro Says:

    HAHA Peg-leg Kosar even chimes in:

  69. astro Says:

    Peanut down.

  70. astro Says:

    Peanut walking on the sideline at least. Looks like he’s got a Wannstedt.

  71. astro Says:

    Down to Fuller and Jennings at CB. Conte out at safety, he had CB experience at least. This could get ugly. Brock Vereen at nickle?

  72. astro Says:

    Oh Fuck it is the same triceps for Peanut. He’s done.

  73. astro Says:

    Ashton limps his way for 15 yds for a Miller Lite. Hurting tonight

  74. astro Says:



    Can’t beat size, he just posted up on that one. Way to finish a drive.

  75. astro Says:

    Have to say the D has held up well for as long as they were on the field due to 3 and outs. Really need a turnover, but our playmakers are all out.

    Time for Jared Allen to earn his pay with a strip-sack.

  76. astro Says:

    God damn Ratliff out as well. Nobody left on defense to finish this.

  77. astro Says:

    If Harbs has any brains he’s going to run, run, run until the game is over.

  78. astro Says:

    UNICRON TD!!!!!!!!!!


  79. astro Says:

    Yep, Brock Vereen in at nickle. We are scraping the bottom of the barrel on D.

  80. astro Says:


  81. astro Says:

    Bostic just gave Vernon Davis a new joint in his back. Clean hit, but damn…

  82. astro Says:

    KYLE FULLER PICK!!!!!!!!!!!




  83. astro Says:


  84. astro Says:

    BMARSH NUMBER 3!!!!!!!!


    SUCK IT, HARBS!!!!!!!!!!

  85. astro Says:


  86. astro Says:

    Youth in the Bears D after all the injuries is starting to show up. Just need one more stop.

  87. astro Says:

    Briggs is busting his butt tonight.

  88. astro Says:



  89. astro Says:

    4th down time. GOGOGO

  90. astro Says:

    Bostic fired up

  91. astro Says:

    McCray is decent at FS

  92. astro Says:

    D HOLDS!!!!

    D HOLDS!!!!

  93. astro Says:


  94. astro Says:

    Holy shit what a game. DFM, some nights you just have to stay up, this one was amazing.

  95. astro Says:

    Hope Conte can come back. For all the shit he gets, he’s played amazing this year. This was just beautiful:

  96. Sk8 Says:

    I’ll it this down lower, friggin awesome:

  97. Sk8 Says:

    Aaahhhhh, so this is a thing (FSU playa):

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