Saturday Football Update


The Wave continue their march to an unprecedented fourth consecutive national championship at Duke
No More Johnny Foosballs at SMU
Texas State (?!) at the beloved
Georgia State (?!) at Wershington
The VANDALS at Ohio
Sk8’s Ducks are at Washington State and a 23.5 point favorite. I don’t think that is enough.

And much more! Lots of crap games today but some interesting stuff as well, including the dumb Jameis Winston one half full game suspension (fuck her right in the pussy!) and my NIU Huskies at Arkansas.


7 Responses to “Saturday Football Update”

  1. Sk8 Says:

    Goin for Florida, fuck Bama (right in the Pussy)…

  2. johnnyj Says:

    …GAMEDAY GENTS! Yeah, the Chris Petersen era rolls on with another team WE shouldn’t underestimate…

    Blllahaaaa. Yeah Gerogia State. UW paid them 900,000 dolla because they’re a newbie to d1, I think the spread is 35…

    …And I just jinxed my beloved DAWGS…

  3. johnnyj Says:

    Is it just me or would you like to bitch-slap “jameis winston?” Probably just me…

  4. Sk8 Says:

    Woohoo, suck it VT vs GT!!!1!11

  5. Sk8 Says:

    Come on Gay-tors!

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