NFL Week 3


Bears at Chickens and Hot Carl will be there! Seattle going down, of course, as usual to the mighty Bears.


103 Responses to “NFL Week 3”

  1. astro Says:

    I think old Peg-leg Kosar has had enough:

  2. dfm Says:

    Fuck jizzrod put Lankfort in there.

  3. dfm Says:

    Shooped that one.

  4. dfm Says:

    Lol fake.

  5. dfm Says:


  6. dfm Says:


  7. dfm Says:


  8. dfm Says:

    @zmiller86 playing a lot of fullback.

  9. astro Says:

    Man it is Forte and not much else

  10. dfm Says:

    Unicron great play.

  11. astro Says:

    Unicron earned that Miller Lite

  12. astro Says:

    Fox with the Jazz hands there lol

  13. dfm Says:


  14. dfm Says:

    Paddy is our mvp.

  15. dfm Says:

    Nice challenge fox!!!

  16. astro Says:

    Holy shit what a challenge. It hit his foot!

  17. astro Says:

    We’ve got the Irishman special teams connection – O’Donnell and McManis.

  18. dfm Says:

    Fixed game.

  19. astro Says:


  20. dfm Says:

    Haha suck it Lynch.

  21. astro Says:

    D is on point today. Or alternatively the Chickens are really that bad. Probably the latter

  22. dfm Says:

    @zmiller86 is our best fullback since Tony Fiametta.

  23. dfm Says:

    Pickles with the scramble and trash talk!

  24. astro Says:

    Pickles channeling his inner Weems shit talking

  25. dfm Says:

    Listen to the network frantically try to explain away that rigged call on the punt.

  26. astro Says:

    Is Fuller on the bench? Haven’t seen him this game.

  27. dfm Says:

    Now Sutton. Dammit.

  28. dfm Says:


  29. dfm Says:

    Wtf that d lol

  30. astro Says:

    WTF Fangio. Terribad

  31. astro Says:

    Alan Ball! WOOO!

  32. dfm Says:

    Nice play Ball.

  33. astro Says:

    Ball beasting

  34. astro Says:

    I’ll take 6-0 at the half. Good D.

  35. dfm Says:

    That is a pretty fantastic half of defensive football for us.

  36. dfm Says:

    Hey i see kadeem is active.

  37. dfm Says:

    Nfl redzone struggling this afternoon with two blowouts and the bears game.

  38. dfm Says:

    Kaepernick 4 picks lol.

  39. astro Says:


  40. dfm Says:

    Fml special teams.

  41. dfm Says:

    Insurmountable lead.

  42. dfm Says:


  43. astro Says:

    Miller with a Miller Lite!

  44. astro Says:

    I wish Fox trusted Fales. Pickles got nothing

  45. dfm Says:

    Fuller back out there.

  46. astro Says:

    I see that Fuller is finally in.

  47. dfm Says:


  48. astro Says:

    McPhee! WOOOO!

  49. astro Says:


  50. astro Says:

    Looks like Sutton done for the year with a torn biceps. Sad. At least Ratliff comes back next week.

  51. astro Says:

    Pickles is awful. Why wait until it is out of reach to give Fales a shot?

  52. dfm Says:

    Had Bellamy open.

  53. astro Says:

    Bushrod out with a concussion.

  54. astro Says:

    Give Forte the rest of the day off and let’s see what Lankford can do.

  55. dfm Says:

    Pernell what a beast.

  56. dfm Says:

    Fuller burned again.

  57. astro Says:

    Russel attacking Fuller on 3rd and long. Automatic.

  58. dfm Says:

    Fuller trucked by Rawls.

  59. dfm Says:

    Matter of time on that td.

  60. astro Says:

    It’ll be a shutout for the Chickens, but maybe our D can hold them under 40 for a change. Something to root for.

    Cutty back next week vs the Raiders will be worth watching I think.

  61. astro Says:

    Still no Langkford. Fox hates him!

  62. dfm Says:

    Wtf get Lankfort out there.

  63. dfm Says:

    D running out of gas.

  64. dfm Says:

    Dammit no Fales yet.

  65. astro Says:


  66. dfm Says:


  67. dfm Says:

    Shit he’s down.

  68. dfm Says:

    I think they benched Allen.

  69. dfm Says:

    Great tackle by the irishman. Terrible spot.

  70. dfm Says:

    Goddammit Jarvis.

  71. dfm Says:

    Clausen lol

  72. dfm Says:

    Jarvis again. He is having a good game.

  73. dfm Says:

    Fox lets the last two minutes tick off without calling time out for the shutout. Interesting message.

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