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NFL Week 12

November 29, 2015

No Bears today, but I may catch some of the other action.


Saturday Football Update

November 28, 2015

Illinois vs. our hated rivals Northwestern playing for Abe Lincoln’s hat. More importantly, the Illini are trying to make it to a bowl. Interesting that there are rumblings about some 5-7 teams that might make it to crap bowls because there are a record number of games this year (41!) and not enough teams that are bowl eligible. Should be interesting.


November 26, 2015

Special Bears vs. Packers tonight! I will see what I can do to make it through all of that after stuffing myself with turkey and all the rest.

NFL Week 11

November 22, 2015

A resurgent Bears squad hosts the Broncos today without Manning. Hot Carl will be there, I will be on my couch.

Saturday Football Update

November 21, 2015

Illinois at the Golden Chokers at 11.

NFL Week 10

November 15, 2015

Bears at Rams.

Saturday Football Update

November 14, 2015

Today the Illini rock the sports world and defeat tOSU at home.

NFL Week 9

November 8, 2015

Bears at Chargers on MNF!

Saturday Football Update – sk8 Memorial Edition

November 7, 2015

Well, well! A game of huge importance today with Illinois taking on Purdue at the coveted 11am time slot. Also I have heard there is a game down south with some sort of national implications. Sadly, I won’t be around for the fun due to a previously scheduled engagement.

Update: I had this post in the can before I heard of the death of our friend sk8 on Friday. So now, this is the updated memorial SFU for him. A few words are in order.

I met sk8 way back at the Astronomicon in the Saturday Football Update posts. I found the Astronomicon through a link at James Rummel’s blog. I just started chiming in on the comments and found some friends. I remember asking Astro and sk8 and Snakeye wtf with those goofy nicknames and hearing the stories about when they were flying. I had no clue then and still have no clue about anything aero related. But it was fun and we had some incredible comment threads some Saturdays at the Astronomicon and here at the mighty KFIL with over a thousand comments on occasion, including some “wrap arounds” where I would be up the next morning and people would still be commenting from drunken stupors of the previous night. But now, it is mostly me shouting into a toilet with Astro joining in sometimes – back in the day we had 7 or 8 regular commenters with others coming and going. But I am cool with that. Things need to change. However, I am stubborn and will keep doing this deal here until I can’t. But as usual I am digressing – this isn’t about me or a dumb blog.

I started sending sk8 care packages when he was in the sandbox and we became better friends, on occasion exchanging gifts and emails. I also sent him some stuff he wanted while he was assimilating in Porto. Hot sauce and wing sauce was what he wanted the most. The hot sauces over there either sucked, or weren’t to his liking.

I certainly wouldn’t consider myself inner circle with sk8, but we had some fun times here and at other places giving each other shit over football games and whatnot. I am still in a state of shock, to be honest.

Thanks for the memories sk8. Requiescat in pace.


NFL Week 8

November 1, 2015

Bears host the Queens.