Here is a new thread for myself since I am the only one who comes here anymore. No matter – I like hearing myself talk!


6 Responses to “Playoffs”

  1. Carl from Chicago Says:

    Hey man where is everybody ha ha

  2. Carl from Chicago Says:

    OK now I am talking to myself…

    Here are my picks for today (I did ZERO research on this ha ha)

    – KC vs. Houston – Houston just because the last team to beat KC was the Bears and the Bears sucked this year ha ha. Even though I just saw the news that Clowney is out which should have swayed my non-fact based opinion

    – Pit vs. Cin – Cincy always loses and have some clown at QB. I vote for woman abuser Big Ben

    Here are my picks for tomorrow

    – Sea vs Minn – definitely SEA. This one I think they will far clear the spread on too despite being in the frozen tundra. Can’t believe they have an open air stadium in Minneapolis.. that is even stupider than doing that in Chicago. I know people like “smash mouth” football but that is insane

    – GB vs Was – damn I think GB will win even though I hate them. But I am going for Was just in case my psychic endorsement is enough to put them over the top ha ha. But hey everything is upside down this year in the NFL I am going with WAS and this is my upset (although maybe Houston is an upset too)

  3. Carl from Chicago Says:

    Wow that Steelers / Cincy ending was crazy. I saw most of it watching stuff on my phone and through deadspin highlights.

    Cincy is f’ing cursed for sure.

    So on my picks… 1-1. I guess I didn’t say vs. spread or not but man was Houston crushed. Their QB sucked like you called it.

  4. Carl from Chicago Says:

    I ended up 2-2 straight up. Against the spread… I’m probably 0-4 (maybe the Steelers covered but I don’t think so. And the Seahawks definitely did not, winning by 1).

    So there you go Dan… your perfect betting strategy – go against all my picks ha ha ha.

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