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Obama Thursday Night Football

August 28, 2014

So the NFL pre season wraps up tonight, and there will be cuts, cuts and more cuts tomorrow.

There is also a slate of Thursday night games in kollej, with the game of the week feature the twice defending champs Tulane against Tulsa. Also, no more Johnny Foosballs at Souf Carolina and a few other crap games.

Football starts tonight!


East West Shrine Game

January 19, 2013


I’m probably the only one watching, but I figure it is worth savoring since we’ve got this, the Senior Bowl, and 4 NFL games left before the long drought begins.

NFL Week 14

December 9, 2012

Bears at Queens at noon, Cardinal at Chickens at 3.15.

~astro edit:

Really big playoff implications for the Bears and the Vikes today, with both teams enduring crippling injuries.  The loser of this game will most likely not make the playoffs.  The Vikes have ADP, who is having his best season ever even while the rest of his team hangs like a millstone around his neck.  With Urlacher out (and oh god Geno Hayes in at SLB), he might get 300 yards rushing.  Unfortunately for the Vikes, Christian Ponder is his QB and will likely throw for -100 yards, thus making a game of it.

Besides Urlacher, the Bears are out CB Tim Jennings (leads the NFL in interceptions),  WR Earl Bennett (tied for the lead in jerseys owned by astro), and 3/5 of their offensive line.  Julius Peppers and Matt Forte are limping through the season on one leg, and Forte’s backup is questionable with broken ribs.  The Vikings just IR’d Percy Harvin, who legitimately had a shot at MVP before he got hurt.  Jared Allen is the Vikes best defensive player, and he’s terrified for his knees after taking out the Bear’s only NFL-caliber lineman with a cheap shot two weeks ago.

This is a cripple-fight with the playoffs on the line, and should make for fascinating viewing.

As for the Seahawks game, it should be a laugher.  The Cardinals called DFM and asked him to play QB, but since he was too busy they are trotting out Skelton again.  Larry Fitzgerald, who has earned the title of ‘the most wasted career’ for a WR, had this reaction when he heard Skelton was starting instead of DFM:


Chickens win this one easily, and continue towards their wildcard spot.

Jets/Jags should be watchable for the comedy value, and Ravens/Redskins will prove whether RG3 or Bert is really an NFL-caliber QB.  The night game of Lions/Packers could be huge in the NFC north, but I don’t think Megatron is enough to make it a competitive game.


That’s three times, I’m now a Dilfer-level pundit.